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Nine Iron 12-07-19 04:31 PM

B450-F Strix Gaming - new BIOS but old AGESA?!
Just got a B450-F Strix in preparation for a 3600 next month. Updated the BIOS to the latest version (after ASUS's advised chipset driver update) with no problems, but CPUID is reporting the AGESA version to be

I know that the latest AGESA is at least 0007... what's going on? One of the earlier BIOSes on the ASUS site has a specific "update AGESA to 0007" notice - should I have gone via that one to the lastest one? If so, that seems extremely stupid!

My memory is working properly, I should add - DOCP to 3200 with specified timings, and benchmarks are the same as they were on my "" AGESA B-450 I Strix - but I'm concerned that the 3600 won't like the "old" version of AGESA.

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