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Cynthia Zeigler 14-07-20 07:05 AM

Hello all,
I am Cynthia and just joined here. Usually I love vehicles. Especially bikes and cars. And I have an addict for gaming. Anyway nice to be here and hope to chat around for information and new updates. So, that's all. Have a nice day.

Thank you

Avet 14-07-20 08:11 AM

Welcome. :) Don't be scared by the natives. ;)

Excalabur50 14-07-20 08:52 AM

G'day Cynthia Welcome to the OC3D family

WYP 14-07-20 09:18 AM

Welcome to the forums.

yassarikhan786 14-07-20 10:49 AM

Welcome to OC3D!

MadShadow 14-07-20 10:39 PM

Been a while since I've seen an introduction. Welcome!

Avet 15-07-20 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by MadShadow (Post 1023067)
Been a while since I've seen an introduction. Welcome!

People usually just run away before even getting to introduce themselves. :D :p

kylojoe 10-10-20 10:32 AM

Hello Zeigler,
Welcome to this forum.

Wraith 10-10-20 12:24 PM

Welcome to the OC3D forums.

WYP 10-10-20 12:46 PM


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