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WYP 28-05-19 10:51 AM

Corsair launches their Hydro X series of water cooling products
Keeping your system cool and quiet with some RGB goodness.


Read more about Corsair's Hydro X series of water cooling components.

AngryGoldfish 31-05-19 04:29 PM

Seeing as many of these parts were co-designed (if that's the right way to put it) by all the other manufacturers, what exactly is the point of this line? Is it because Corsair has a wider distribution range and can sell their products for less? I can understand the wider availability as it means more people can get into water cooling, but Corsair are not a cheap brand, and surely it wouldn't make sense for EK and Hardware Labs to sell out their experience and equipment to a cheaper rival. If they were getting a large cut, maybe that would make sense. The more people watercool the better for all the watercooling companies it will be.

Dark NighT 31-05-19 11:57 PM

Saw Jayztwocents vid on this kit, the pumpres combo looks incredibly awful and really really cheap, the fittings are Bitspower basically and while the gpu block does look decent, the cpu blocks don't and i think this whole thing with its crazy cheap plastic looks is just a foolish thing to do and hurts other, proper watercooling companies.

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