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Excalabur50 09-08-17 05:56 AM

NZXT Looked After Me Awesomely
G'day All,
Just thought I'd post about my recent experience with NZXT and their tech support, and I gotta say they did AMAZINGLY Well.

So I bought a set of Aer140 RGB fans with the Hue+ and the Hue+ seemed as though it kept failing I had the first one replaced by PLE Heatherton still a no go, so NZXT sent me another Hue+ on it's own it worked for a week and a half and folded when I bought a Aer120 RGB for my 1080 Seahawk.

So NZXT said you need to smash your current Hue+ and cut all the cables in half and we'll send you a new one, so the new one arrived Monday 09/08/17 but this one also had RGB strips included which was exciting to see how they performed compared to my CableMod RGB strip and bugger me no power on the Hue+ again.

This time I really had the S***S and said I want my money back, but NZXT said it may be the USB cable and to get a hold of a micro USB cable and route it to the back of the PC instead of the internal USB header on my NZXT USB hub so I got and old Samsung S5 USB cable plugged it in and bugger me it worked.

Then I hooked up the USB strips and only 2 out of the four worked so I swapped them around and now all 4 work and OMG do they look the gonads they pulse and flash multiple colours like the fans rather than being static like my CableMod strip which has served me well as I had it since release and as far as I'm concerned my system looks amazing.

So yes I can say that NZXT's service department are really good, they try incredibly hard to get any issues that you may have sorted and that I shall use and purchase their products and recommend to others to do so and I'm bloody happy ATM.

If your own Hue+ misbehaves try the cable swap and see if it fixes it for you too.

AlienALX 09-08-17 03:59 PM

Logitech used to do that. Make you show a pic of your keyboard smashed, then send you a new one :)

Not many companies left like that now sadly. And it makes all the difference too !

Excalabur50 10-08-17 01:26 AM

I must say that i was surprised when they asked my to do it as I've never had to do that before, and you are right it does make life easier.
I was talking to a mate and he said that he needed some longer screws for a Kraken G10 as the ones that came with it weren't long enough so NZXT sent him all the screws he needed so he's now got AIO's on his pair of 580's and they're still going strong

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