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tinytomlogan 15-08-14 01:30 PM

Mini Borg 240 Air Competition

We thought it was time to 'Air' out an old theme and bring you the chance to win the worlds first customised Corsair Air 240 MATX Chassis

Mini Borg 240 Air Competition

Winner - Jamie Lewis - you have till the end of the month to claim your prize!

MadShadow 15-08-14 01:33 PM

I saw this coming :D Great competition!

GadgetGarrett 15-08-14 01:35 PM

:crazy: Excitements!

Raoul 15-08-14 01:45 PM

Sweet, another competition!

PM_DMNKLR 15-08-14 01:45 PM

I actually think that's pretty cool, honestly. While I'm sure there's a chance someone else deserves it more than I do, I'd like to say thank you Tom, this is an epic opportunity for sure. :)

Good luck to all of us!

MadShadow 15-08-14 01:46 PM

Great idea with members over 15 posts getting an extra entry. Hopefully, nobody complains now :P

Dicehunter 15-08-14 01:47 PM

A little off topic but Guv do you know roughly when the 780T will be with us ?

flynnbo3 15-08-14 01:50 PM

Awesome as always good luck to all

madness777 15-08-14 01:52 PM

That's so cool!!!

snaarffie 15-08-14 02:06 PM

Thats one fine looking case :)

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