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Toxcity 25-03-08 02:37 PM

Geforce 9500 and 9400 are delayed
More news from the Nvidia boys - Nvidia slows the upgrade.

News Article.

Nick R 25-03-08 02:40 PM

Nvidias marketing strategy worries me.

ionicle 25-03-08 03:01 PM



Kerotan 25-03-08 03:32 PM

Just so you know both links to get here from the article are dead, but I kinda feel sorry for all those ppl buying 1Gb 8500s and probably telling all their friends "I have a 1Gb graphics card in my computer". Seems to me that the 9500/9400 won't really be a big jump anyway, as things tend to advance much more slowly at the low-end as far as I can tell. Hope that nVidia do slacken off a bit with the whole 9-series, then ATi can get some good cards out in the gaps at a price-point which is competitive, like they did with the 3850/3870.

Rastalovich 25-03-08 03:52 PM

Somebody there doesn`t know what they`re doing, or is new to the pc market.

New people signed up recently ?

Pat123 25-03-08 05:05 PM

makes sense to me. If the old stuff is selling okay then wait until its not.. then release new cards.

And tbh, my reckoning is nvidia are indeed waiting for a powerful card from ATI until they delve into NEW technologies.

Allargando 25-03-08 05:37 PM

This problem says one thing to me

Nvidia should have spent more time developing the 9xxx series

ionicle 25-03-08 06:49 PM

they should

and the 9xxx series should be based on a new architecture

with more power


Rastalovich 25-03-08 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by name='Allargando'
This problem says one thing to me

Nvidia should have spent more time developing the 9xxx series


If your going for this sort of card, you want desktop/office type performance with perhaps some media prospects.

You certainly wouldn`t upgrade from a 8400/8500 unless you were needing to spend for the sake of it.

Even still, these cards don`t exactly empty shelves quickly, and to be fair, when the next gen is on the horizon u can pick them up for 20-30 easy.. or pay more for a 9 series low end card ?

Q4 08 would probably be a viable time for release.

FarFarAway 25-03-08 09:50 PM

Pah, it's just good marketing sense. Delay the release of the new cards to help disty's and partners get rid of old stock, been happening for years

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