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WYP 22-05-20 05:55 PM

Mafia II: Definitive Edition VS Original PC Screenshot Comparison
How good does this Remaster look?


Read more about Mafia II: Definitive Edition's graphical upgrades.

wozza365 22-05-20 07:35 PM

Definitely an improvement looking up close, perhaps more visible than a few clips that I watched. So definitely an excuse to replay!

PS if you inspect element on the comparison things, grab the link from the iframe element and open it in a new tab you can compare in much higher resolution.

AngryGoldfish 22-05-20 09:29 PM

While at a glance it looks like they mainly enhanced the contrast, it suits the game better. The original was bland and washed out, with few shadows or gloom.

The_Crapman 23-05-20 10:06 PM

I did really have specific memories of 2, more just of "Mafia" in general. I thought I'd take a look and as son as i loaded into that first mission the memories cam flooding back and of how it absolutely destroyed the 2 7900 GTOs I had at the time :lol: I had to disable SLI and then crank the settings down. It was the beginning of the end for that system.

I hope to god that this is all a success and leads to another Mafia game.

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