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Iain 04-02-20 09:07 PM

6700 non K hold 4GHZ all cores.
Hi everyone :)

I have a 6700 non K, CPU and a Asrock Extreme Fatality ITX. This used to have SKYOC however Intel made Asrock kill that off.

I am not looking to overclock the non K cpu, but just hold it at 4GHZ (the boost clock) on all 4 cores all the time. it will boost but not to max on a all core workload.

I cant seem to find a way to do this and was wondering if anyone know how? I have tried using tools like Throttle Stop and QuickCPU but I cant get them to work. If I remember correctly on sandy bridge you could just set the ratio of the locked CPU to the max of the boost clock and it would run at all times even on a locked CPU, feel free to correct me however if I am wrong.



AlienALX 04-02-20 10:09 PM

They removed the boost oc after Ivy so no, there's no way to do it.

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