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tinytomlogan 22-02-18 02:01 PM

Corsair Obsidian 500D Review

The Obsidian series is back with a future-proof I/O and a modern aesthetic

Corsair Obsidian 500D Review

AngryGoldfish 22-02-18 02:29 PM

I think this looks slightly better than the 570X, which is a bold thing to say because that's a sexy case. This looks more industrial and robotic and less like a museum centre piece; more up my alley. I also love the layout and features.

Thanks a lot for the competition. I've entered. All the best to everyone!

ins0mniac81 22-02-18 02:34 PM

I'm excited for another awesome competition so soon after the last one. Thanks for the chance to win another great looking system!

DavidFrederickWatson 22-02-18 02:50 PM

WOW ! just wow !
The Tiny One knocks it out of the park yet again ! this is an incredible system and to think i stand an honest and fair chance at winning this beast fills me with absolute joy and excitement ! what a marvellous and magnificent machine it truly is ! this mounts up to one MONUMENTAL GIVEAWAY ! win or lose i thank you for the chance ! GLORIOUS !!! AND SO SOON AFTER THE LAST FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY ! respect goes out to you Tom for doing this generous giveaway , and my thanks also goes out to any sponsors that also helped make this possible

Avet 22-02-18 02:53 PM

My new favorite case. :)

ins0mniac81 22-02-18 02:56 PM

I just finished watching the review video and it seems like a great case. It's been many many years since I've been able to afford to build a new system so I haven't paid much attention to newer cases. I'm happy to see such simple quality of life improvements like dust filters, built in cable management, and easy open doors. That's probably standard these days but they are changes I would have greatly welcomed when I did my last build. I really enjoyed the looks of the case and I absolutely agree that the smokey glass looks sharp on a dark obsidian case like this one. Thanks for the comprehensive review, I will definitely consider this case as a possibility once I finish saving up for a new system in the next few months. Now all I need is for GPU prices to drop closer to normal again. :)

PseudoScopic 22-02-18 03:25 PM

That is undoubtedly one solid build! Of course, it's a big thank you to the sponsors of the giveaway but it can't be ignored that this has been beautifully pieced together too. Best of luck to everyone!

Dark NighT 22-02-18 03:41 PM

This looks miles better then the 570x but that gap between the chassis and sidepanel is terrible if im honest.

Bartacus 22-02-18 03:56 PM

Maybe that gap is the only way this case has good airflow?

vinnyxtreme 22-02-18 04:13 PM

That's a great review. The case is pretty roomy and that's what I like about it. Will it be able to accommodate 2 30cm twin slot GPUs in SLi or Crossfire, along with them being water cooled using custom hard-line?

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