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Feronix 15-07-14 11:50 AM

Quick News
Heya guys!

With the recent update in the news section, which requires your threads to follow some guidelines and approval by a moderator we have noticed that there are only a few people left who post news items as most users just don't feel like writing a small essay every time they find an interesting or funny news story.

That's why we're now introducing the Quick News thread. So far, this is a bit of an experiment for which you, the OC3D members are responsible. If things don't really work out (i.e people start posting nothing but off-site links) the thread might be closed and/or removed.


Now, as with the regular news threads, there are a few rules:

- Don't post just one (off-site) link. Your post will be removed.

- Anyone can take your small update and turn it into its own, full news item thread.

- If you found the information on another site/newspaper/social media, be sure to include a source (link).

- If you post big news updates ie
1) A new Intel socket or CPU line-up.
2) AMDs next gen GPUs.
3) Tiny Tom Logan found streaking in London.
These will be written up by the team like their lives depended on it, please dont take offense ;)

- If your post is spotted by OC3D staff and is made into an article, credit will be given to the Forum user who posted about it first. Please note that credit will not be given if OC3D staff discover any news stories or topics before seeing it in quick news.

- Do not go too far off-topic. If this happens, the moderators might select the off-topic posts, starting with the news update post and place them in their own thread. This might be a News thread, but could also be placed in the appropriate forum section (for instance Cases & Power).


If you find a YouTube video that speaks for itself, like the Phanteks case videos, it is okay to just post that but maybe it's a nice idea to include your personal thoughts or favourite features. However, please limit the amount of reviews that are not affiliated to OC3D. This is a review site after all. :)

Feel free to post some news updates here when you don't feel like typing out an entire thread for a small/funny news item. It's up to you guys if this thread stays so behave a little ;)

Example post


Corsair introduce Carbide Air 240 case


Corsair have just just announced a smaller version of Air 540 for µATX and ITX builds. It has the same dual-chamber design and watercooling support and it comes it black and white! :D I think it looks pretty awesome. Who's getting one?

Wraith 15-07-14 01:22 PM

So I have to place all my news finding here from now on then?

jamesriley94 15-07-14 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by Wraithguard (Post 769913)
So I have to place all my news finding here from now on then?

No no, this is for quick news articles.

If you're happy to write a full article like you and others have been doing, then please carry on.

This is more for people for don't have the time to write up an article themselves, but still wish to share stories - ie, just a link to a youtube video and saying 'this is cool'.

We'll see how it goes over the next few days/weeks, and it if starts detracting from full articles then this thread will be closed.

It's more just that we've noticed people have been put off from posting full news articles due to the new conditions, and it's really only yourself, WYP and Dicehunter posting in the news section. We're hoping this will encourage a few more people to share news.

Excalabur50 16-07-14 06:15 AM

Intel says worst is over for battered PC industry
Intel Corp believes the worst is over for a personal computer industry hammered by the mobile revolution.

The Santa Clara, California chipmaker forecast third-quarter revenue above Wall Street's expectations today, sending its stock 4 per cent higher in extended trade.

"PCs have stabilized," Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith told Reuters after Intel's report. He said he expects shrinking demand from consumers in China and other developing countries to rebound, just as it recently has in the United States.

From the end of 2010, the year the iPad was launched, to the end of 2013, annual global PC shipments shrank a total of 12 per cent, according to IDC.

Intel now expects the market's recovery to help it grow its full-year revenue about 5 per cent, slightly higher than prior expectations.

Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich told analysts on a conference call that improved demand from companies replacing old PCs would last at least through the end of 2014.

Also today, Intel increased its share buyback program by $20 billion. It plans to repurchase about $4 billion of stock in the current quarter, underscoring its confidence in a turnaround and a growing crop of "two in one" devices with detachable keyboards and screens.

"My presumption would be that if they’re confident enough to boost it that they see this (PC market) upside maintaining," Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon said. "God help them if they’re wrong."

Intel said in a statement it expects third-quarter revenue of $14.4 billion, plus or minus $500 million. Analysts had expected $14 billion on average, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

Revenue from Intel's PC group rose 6 percent in the quarter while its data centre group, a big contributor to gross margins, had revenue jump 19 per cent.

Intel has made little progress expanding from the PC industry into chips for smartphones and tablets. For the second quarter, Intel said its mobile and communications group's revenue fell 83 per cent to $51 million and had an operating loss of $1.12 billion.

Intel's second-quarter revenue was $13.8 billion, compared with $12.8 billion in the year-ago quarter. In June, Intel revised increased its second-quarter revenue outlook to $13.7 billion, plus or minus $300 million, citing stronger-than-expected demand for PCs used by businesses. Intel posted second-quarter net income of $2.8 billion, or 55 cents a share, compared with $2.0 billion, or 39 cents a share, in the year-ago quarter.

Intel shares closed up 0.70 per cent at $31.71 in regular trade on Nasdaq.
Source Reuters( Windows 8 news section)

Feronix 17-07-14 11:11 AM

French woman sued for bad review
A French blogger has been sentenced by a French judge to pay a €1500 compensation fine to a restaurant about which she wrote a bad review. This review would show up too high in the Google search results.

The French woman wrote about the restaurant on her blog after having a bad experience and thus created a negative review. Since then, said page of her blog has climbed up in the Google search results and was now the #4 result when you Googled for Restaurant 'Il Giardino'.

The owner of the restaurant stated that since the review, a lot has changed in the restaurant and thus the review is no longer relevant, but still does damage to the business because it shows up so high in Google with a title that states that the blogger would 'recommend everyone to avoid this restaurant'.

As a result, the owner has gone to court, which has sentenced the woman to change the title of her review and pay a fine of a whopping €1500, most likely based on the recent 'Right to be forgotten'. The woman decided to remove the review completely.

Looking back on this, the owner has shot himself in the foot big time. After reading the news article, countless of people have gone and posted negative reviews about the business. Google reviews is currently sat at 175 reviews with an average of 1.3 out of 5 stars. https://plus.google.com/113947815154...ut?gl=nl&hl=nl

Welcome to the internet.

Source: BBC News

WYP 17-07-14 02:37 PM

Bitcoin exchange rates are now offered by google.



Wraith 18-07-14 12:26 AM

AMD drop TSMC in favour of Global Foundries to supply GPU and Future Console wafers.

Excalabur50 18-07-14 01:00 AM

AMD Pirate Islands Radeon R9 300 Series
by Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 04/10/2014 08:42 AM | Source | 38 comment(s) ]

The colleagues over at WccfTech posted something about the next generation Radeon graphics cards. They dug up an old (what is claimed to be) roadmap which shows details about three GPUs, the R9 390X, R9 380X and R9 370X. There is no validation regarding the source material and their post is highly speculative. Then again .. rumors always start somewhere and props to them for retrieving that info.

Now in their news item posted they already claim themselves that all information is to be taken with a pinch of salt, which really is the proper way to address this information.

The source leak indicates future Pirate Islands GPU code names and some specs. Specs NEVER are final which makes me frown up-on the posted material, anyway here's what they are claiming:


According to these details all GPUs will be based on the TSMC 20nm Node and will be true Pirate Island cores, which is why nomenclature of the dies will be derivative in nature. Another thing mentioned is that all Pirate Island GPUs will have the DirectX 12 Hardware Feature Set. According to these details the R9 370X is slated for announcement/arrival sometime this July-August this year. The R9 370X will feature a ‘Treasure Island XTX’ core and supposedly has 1536 Stream-processors, 96 Texture Units and 48 ROPs on the uncut die. Of course this road-map precedes the report we got of TSMC having a little trouble with 20nm so I am not sure how valid the time frame is anymore.

Now according to the details, we will see the R9 390X before the R9 380X. The R9 390X will feature the ‘Bermuda XTX’ core and feature a staggeringly high number of SPs, ie. 4224. The Texture Unit count is 264 with 96 ROPs. It is slated to show up late 2014 around November or so. Once again keep in mind the TSMC comment above. Finally the R9 380X which will feature the ‘Fiji XTX’ core and the following die configuration: 3072 SPs, 192 Texture Units and 72 ROPs and should appear sometime early 2015. Now interestingly the R9 390X ‘Bermuda XTX’ GPU is slated to have 512 Bits of Memory Bandwidth while as the R9 380X is slated to have 384 Bits with the R9 370X coming last with 256 Bits. Now the road-map even hints at the clock speeds of AMD’s future GPUs but I think it is prudent to mention that all these tech specs at this point in time are about as solid as the wind. However let us continue, with the help of this table:

GPU Codename Core Stream Processors* Texture Units* ROPs* Core Clock* Memory Clock* Memory Bandwidth*
R9 370X Treasure Island Treasure Island XTX 1536 96 48 ~900Mhz ~5Ghz 256Bit
R9 380X Fiji Fiji XTX 3072 192 72 ~900Mhz ~6Ghz 384Bit
R9 390X Bermuda Bermuda XTX 4224 264 96 ~1000Mhz ~7Ghz 512Bit
Source http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/amd...00-series.html

SPS 18-07-14 01:01 PM


Originally Posted by Watsyerproblem (Post 770414)

Do you mean now offered? lol

Feronix 19-07-14 09:50 AM

Possible HTC Smartwatch images have shown up
Earlier today Evleaks(source), a regular when it comes to unofficially announcing things in the smartphone world, has posted an image online of a smartwatch that could potentially be made by HTC.

Judging from the way the (what seems to be the) homescreen is laid out, we can see that this is very similar to that on the HTC One series mobile devices, all based on Android OS.


According to Evleaks, this watch will also run on the OS made by Google, Android Wear to be more specific. He also stated that the image is most likely not a pre-production render, but an artist reproduction which means that the render would be based on the actual appearence of the smartwatch.

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