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Davros1987 06-08-13 11:35 AM

GPU booting issue
Hi guys,

Had my rig adrift for periodic cleaning (coolant change etc), and when I've came to reboot my computer it will not boot. I began trouble shooting and discovered when my GPU (Sapphire Radeon HD7970) is not inserted into the PCI-e slot the system boots fine. When it is connected however the system powers for a split second then nothing.

Is this likely a fault with the PCI slot or the card itself?

Its worth mentioning that initially, before the strip down the card was inserted into slot 1, when i rebuilt I placed it in slot 2 unintentionally which is when the issue presented itself, i suspected it may because it was in the wrong slot so i switched it back over to its initial place but the problem persists.

Any help would be great.
Thanks folks.

FTLN 06-08-13 11:42 AM

Check power PCI-e Power Cables
Check card is fully clicked down into slot
Try with Monitor plugged into the integrated gpu
If all that fails then try to do a Cmos Reset....

Davros1987 06-08-13 12:22 PM

Cheers for the advice, tried the lot, still a no go. Card [broken] ya rekon? Or maybe the pcie slot?

SuB 06-08-13 12:26 PM

Do you have another card you could try in the slot?

Do you have a different computer to try the card in?

Davros1987 06-08-13 12:28 PM

Not at this instant, but that will be my next step.

If the card work on another pc presumably it is the pci that is at fault, and vice versa?

FTLN 06-08-13 12:31 PM

Another thing that I did once was plug the pcie power into my cpu power by mistake after doing some maintenence.. Check that also...

Davros1987 07-08-13 10:33 AM

Well, after setting up a test bench and working through a portion of the night it seems the problem lay with my gpu waterblock. Difficult to be more specific unfortunately, but after replacing the stock cooler and installing it into the rig again, the system powered on.

I suspect metal on metal causing a short but its not a sure thing, perhaps I dropped a bollock when I cleaned the waterblocks and resembled them resulting in some contact?

Any further speculations on what this could be? I havent tried my waterblock again since....too scared.

demonking 13-08-13 09:37 PM

could simply be a thermal cut out safety?
detects no fan and shuts down (like CPU overheating)
or to much pressure on the die.
have you tried re-attaching the waterblock since?
*just read your last post again ignore my last comment*

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