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johnathon007 12-08-14 01:14 AM

Got the stain on, the clear coat will start tomorrow which might take a couple days.

The pictures have some weird reflections that make the finish look uneven but its really smooth in person. Ill try to get some better pictures later.



johnathon007 13-08-14 06:58 AM

First coat of the finish is on, sanding and second coat tomorrow.



GadgetGarrett 13-08-14 08:48 AM

I am so happy to see you keeping it a dark oak. That will look real classy with all the tech going in to it.

I could see it with one of these lamps sat on it


Almost a steam punk vibe!

johnathon007 13-08-14 06:53 PM

That lamp would look great on it, I might have to go looking for one now :cool:.

GadgetGarrett 13-08-14 08:26 PM

Heheh! I just searched for red bankers lamp

johnathon007 16-08-14 04:08 AM

That lamp is $40 on amazon =00= If i can find some extra money it might show up in the final pictures. Still a lot of work to do on the finish though, it looks like it could take 5-10 coats of urethane to get it as smooth as a want it.

johnathon007 17-08-14 09:40 AM

Small update...
The varnish I was using seems to be no good anymore and it started to peel, so now I have to strip it all off and start over :cussing:
Might be a week before Im back to this point again but it will get there.

remember300 17-08-14 11:18 AM

Look in junk shops and old furniture shops you may find a laml lile hat with a bit of character x

neotrix 17-08-14 01:18 PM

Damn, varnish peeling sucks!
Ill be waiting to see the next steps on this. I love desk builds, just don't have the gear at the moment to convert my own. Nice work so far mate!

johnathon007 19-08-14 01:51 AM

Got it all stripped and stained again :) now I just have to wait until tomorrow and try again with new varnish.

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