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johnathon007 16-07-14 10:54 AM

It wasnt too bad until I cut all the ties and stole the cables for this build ;)
Ive been stripping parts for about 2 weeks trying to get this going.

YouWhat 16-07-14 12:06 PM

I love the anti-grav mounting for the res... Where can I get one of those lol :D

But although blurry they do give us a good idea of where you are coming from so when we see what you will achieve, then we can appreciate what you have built almost as much as you :)


Is that a radiator on top of the case as well as on the front?

***edit 2***

The inside of the case kinda reminds me of a scene out of Stargate Atlantis....

When the doctor, Jenifer Keller (Jewel Staite) is changing into a Hive ship, and Ronan Dax (Jason Momoa) is struggling to get through the tendrils in the corridor to help save the day...



iBeInspire 16-07-14 12:31 PM

Oh my lord... please do a better job with your new build, the last one was really bad cable management wise :P

A lot of us here are neat freaks, bear that in mind :)

YouWhat 16-07-14 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by iBeInspire (Post 770207)
Oh my lord... please do a better job with your new build, the last one was really bad cable management wise :P

A lot of us here are neat freaks, bear that in mind :)

Thats why I not uploaded pics of my new Rig yet, until I get the SP120 LED fans, so as can then finally sort out the wires, i still debating whether to custom make some cables though as although these Silverstone extension are brilliant and coordinated with everything else in the case, behind the scenes is packed out with cables crammed in everywhere and in no order, and I am still holding out hope that Asus will get off their collective behinds and give us in the EU the longer AAFP cable that people in the USA can get for the Front Base. :disappointed1:

johnathon007 16-07-14 08:38 PM

Cables will be perfectly neat and tidy in this build :)

edit> Yes thats a radiator in the top also. missed that question the first time.

johnathon007 17-07-14 09:01 AM

I don't know of double posting is a problem but adding some pic :)
Motherboard tray painted.


Got the plywood cut today. Don't have any pictures of all the small pieces yet but here's after the first cut.


Desk should start coming together in a day or 2 and some pictures will follow.

johnathon007 27-07-14 10:30 AM

Got one of the radiators ready, fans rewired, painted, and sleeved.


Desk is starting to look like a desk also

johnathon007 08-08-14 06:47 AM

Almost ready to put on the finish.
Probably going to paint the drive bay black but I hav'nt decided yet.


BigDaddyKong 08-08-14 12:14 PM

Your off to a good start.

Wraith 08-08-14 12:21 PM

Coming along nicely, I'm a sucker for a scratch built desk mod. :)

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