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johnathon007 16-07-14 06:18 AM

Dark beauty desk build
Just joined to get this going, no sense in doing all this work if no one knows about it.

Ive never really done a full case mod before just added fans and a heater core for a ford bronco to my storm sniper case but Ive been searching for the perfect case for over a year and finally arrived at the conclusion that Its just not out there. Ive been looking at some of the desk builds since Ive toyed with the idea a few times and decided it was time to just jump in.

Budget is very low really but I have a bunch of the wood and hardware around so this should turn out very well. Colors are going to be red and black to stay with the crosshair [and AMD/ATI] colors. Time line is going to move quickly so updates are going to be pretty fast and probably with more pictures than words.

The desk is going to be red oak probably stained a nice dark color like a lot of oak furniture. Desk top will be oak on the main portion with a glass top on the left to show off the computer

This is just going to be a new home for my current rig so nothing too new or fancy for now.

Old stuff:

  1. Crosshair IV formula
  2. 1090T with apogee block [Original one I think]
  3. 280x with EK block
  4. 4x2gb RipJaws 1600 ram
  5. kingwin lazer 1000W PSU [single sleeving with paracord hopefully]
  6. 2xWD black 640 In raid0 [saving for ssd] and 2TB storage drive
  7. Motherboard tray donated by an old case
  8. Micro res v2
  9. 22" viewsonic touchscreen for desktop and 37" vizio for gaming

New stuff:

  1. 2x Phobya G-changer 360s
  2. 3x San ace 109r with thermal control.
  3. some thermochill compression fittings
  4. Dangerden fatboy fittings to use where compressions aren't needed
  5. Dangerden UV black tubing
Pictures coming as soon as I get it to let me add them.

EDIT>>> pictures are up.

tinytomlogan 16-07-14 08:54 AM

Your issues are due to you being a new member dude - its a security feature :)

johnathon007 16-07-14 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by tinytomlogan (Post 770138)
Your issues are due to you being a new member dude - its a security feature :)

I figured that had to be it. Is it post count or time?

MadShadow 16-07-14 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by johnathon007 (Post 770141)
I figured that had to be it. Is it post count or time?

Post count, I believe. Hang around here long enough, and you should unlock all of the features sooner or later ;)

johnathon007 16-07-14 09:10 AM

I don't really have any of the good pictures yet so theres time, all I have right now is before and afters on the fan painting and some pictures of all the stuff I bought.

YouWhat 16-07-14 09:56 AM

Thats a good start, maybe if you got it also, a before picture of any case you have so we can see things as and how they progress?

You should be able to use something like


to name a few, then link the pictures here, it will then have to go through a mod approval so as they can check it not spam links etc being posted up.

johnathon007 16-07-14 10:00 AM

I only get errors when I try to send pictures, I tried imgur and photobucket, Ill keep trying though and get some pictures up. My current case is a mess will all the function over form mods Ive done but it should give a good comparison and people always like to see the giant heatercore I crammed in the front :)

tinytomlogan 16-07-14 10:44 AM

Using the 'add photo' button in the post editor should work then you just paste in the photo URL

johnathon007 16-07-14 10:52 AM

It looks like 5 posts is the magic number :) Pictures are a little blurry from my cell phone but its not too bad.

My computer right now mostly torn down [Don't worry all those wires will be dead and gone once I get it out of the case and into its new desk home]

All the stuff I bought for my build

Fans before and after paint

Motherboard tray is probably getting painted tomorrow

The wood under the motherboard tray is the wood the desk is going to be built from.

MadShadow 16-07-14 10:54 AM

Holy cable managing batman jesus christ...

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