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WYP 06-10-21 11:47 AM

Far Cry 6 PC Performance Review and Optimisation Guide
Here's how well Far Cry 6 runs on PC, and the best ways to get higher framerates in the game.


Read more about Far Cry 6's PC Performance and our optimisation tips.

Warchild 07-10-21 06:02 PM

Tried the game. Boring repeat of the same political drizzle the last few pushed out... The RT in the benchmark is atrocious. Just look at the people and the cars moving on the wet road towards the end. The cars tyres are ghostly blue underneath.

Dont think I lasted 20mins before uninstalling it.

Gambit2K 12-10-21 07:00 AM

Thoroughly enjoying this game, the whole story and the craziness of everything in it. And it looks so good at times, reminds me of the first Farcry game which at the time was gorgeous.

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