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AlienALX 20-06-21 02:06 AM

Julie's Pants
The explanation.

Well the joke goes like this. One of my team mate's wife is actually called Julie. So, whenever that player gets a bot he puts them on and says "Hey look guys, I am wearing Julie's pants!". It's never gotten old, and still makes us laugh.


OK, those of you who have been around here for a while know I have my "Mike Tyson rig"


It has a 3950x, a Kingpin, and two 16gb kits of 8 pack Extreme 4133 ram in. It's bloody fast. I only really use it for PUBG now, but it allows me to max it out at 1440p and still get 160 FPS constantly.

And then, the following week, I usually end up at my mother's where the rig is not so fast. It has a TR 1920x stock and a 2070 Super. I immediately notice how different it "feels". It's very strange, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Nowhere near as smooth, FPS are nowhere near as high either.

So I was thinking about bringing over the other TR rig, but it's equally as massive as the one I am using now (this, btw)


And really I just can't be arsed. Thus, the idea for Mini Me was born. The idea is to match the IPC speed of the 3950x, and the raw GPU power of the 2080Ti.

See, I have a second 2080Ti. I bought it in the "wow Nvidia are amazing to us, they have f****d 2080ti owners with the cheap 3070 all hail Nvidia !". Only as you all now know, and as I predicted? it didn't quite go like that. That is why I literally panic bought the 2080Ti Aorus Xtreme for 480. With a block on. It's here, but I have used it for about two hours since fitting it into that PC as I never use it any more.


So it is coming out. I have the stock cooler (it was never used for anything other than testing, so is mint) but what I don't have are the pads. This was problem number one. Upon researching the best I could do was this picture.


That is the 2080Ti AX split in half. It should look like this.


You will note the "pads" are just thermal compound with that string stuff in them, hence why my pal threw them in the bin. They just make loads of mess. After hours of digging around I found this on EK's site.


So I ordered plenty of both. Cost me 22, but then the GPU will owe me 500. Try getting one of these cards for that price.

I could bring it over with the block on and put it in the loop on the rig here. However, two issues. One the IPC is still crap and two, since the 120mm rad in the floor leaked and I had to remove it the 1920x runs really hot and I can't overclock it at all.

Then the mini me idea struck me. Let's build something that looks like Mike Tyson, performs like Mike Tyson, yet has a tiny footprint.

First thing I would need is an ITX board. 100, ta very much.


And a CPU of course. I was initially going to cheap out and pay 140 for a 2600, but this was 170. With a slight manual OC I can match the threaded speed of the 3950x. Not in cores, but in low cored IPC.


It's a 3600. I didn't want any more than that, as like I said PUBG runs like butter on my rig at home and butter is more than good enough.

Then I needed a power supply. I cupped my balls and closed my eyes, but it turns out the case I wanted supports 150mm ATX PSUs, and this one is 140mm


So I bagged that also. So yeah, finally onto the case. Jonsbo V10.


It looks very very similar to my Lian Li PC12. However, it does not have windows. I chose that. Windowed ones are actually 10 cheaper, I went for more ventilation.

Fans. I bought these initially for my Alienware's rads, but sod it I will use them in this as they are bought and paid for.



So yeah, that should about do it for Mini Me. Obviously I will need a better cooler (120 AIO will be more than enough) so I can overclock it, but that is about the meat and potatoes of it.

I will be yoinking SSDs from various rigs.

AlienALX 20-06-21 02:30 PM

AIO ordered.


I looked at all the expensive ones but concluded what's the f*****g point? I just want it to be able to cool the 3600. TBH? even a 120 would have done that, so there was no point spending much more than a 120 costs because the fans will go straight in the bin as they usually do.

AlienALX 21-06-21 03:13 PM

PSU is second hand. Thanks Amamong.


It works though, and it doesn't tick like the Gigabyte so I'm over it at the price. I think they just forgot to add "Warehouse" to the listing.


Case and cooler should arrive tomorrow :)

AlienALX 22-06-21 01:13 PM

Right so the cooler went on the GPU last night.


Pads were wrong though. Need to change those tomorrow when they arrive. Case arrived today, it's absolutely gorgeous.




The cooler is arriving later today. I also decided to treat myself. At home (on "Big me") I have a Huntsman Elite. TBH? and I do not say this lightly as a Razer hater, it's easily the best keyboard I have ever had. It's beautiful, and it's robust and the opto switches are incredible. Right now I am typing this on browns, and they are so much harder to press. So naturally when I saw this on Prime Day for 78 I snatched it up.


It's the Huntsman Tournament Edition. Same switches, same keys etc just smaller. Perfect for here. I also bought a Viper Mini.


And a Goliathus XXL RGB which cost me 27.99, rather than the usual 59.99.


AlienALX 22-06-21 02:28 PM

Man. ITX cases have come a long way. I've not sworn once and all of my knuckles are still intact.


It's inverted just like Big Me at home.


This is the slide out fan/AIO tray that goes in the top.


And the back.


It's a bit of a fatty when it comes to ITX, but I test fitted the GPU and it literally just fits. Had I got the glass panel version? I'd have been in trouble.

AlienALX 22-06-21 04:18 PM


Can't start the cable tying until the drives are fitted tomorrow. Every cable is now in there though.

hmmblah 22-06-21 05:12 PM

I really like that case. It will be interesting to see how the cable management goes.

AlienALX 22-06-21 05:52 PM

It's easy, when you figure it out. Which gets harder as it continues of course.

I found out all about the joys of sex earlier. Sorry, wrong book.. I meant the joys of ITX.

The board only has two headers. This is OK for four fans. What about the pump? the pump is not PWM, so needs its own header. That means I need to connect four fans to the other header, which can't be done safely. Splitters only split up to 3 fans before you need power.

I thought I had a hub in the Phanteks. Well, I do, but it's not PWM and I am f****d if I am trying to fit a fan controller etc etc in there. It's too small. So I got a powered PWM splitter that receives a signal from the board and the PWM. The power is all taken care of by the SATA power connector on it.


Then I started getting annoyed. I really didn't want to have to find a home for something like that. I figured it out in the end. Extend all four fans into the front top corner, then send a SATA power cable up there* and fit the lot in that area at the front/top and basically 3M tape it to the inside of the front panel.


In this gap.


Which ought to work perfectly.

*. Oh yes, the joys of ITX. This was the first time I uttered a swear word. Of course that fan hub needs power. That means fitting an entire daisy chain of SATA power connectors into the modular PSU. Problem is there is no room to hide them down the side of the PSU.

So, I grabbed that silver Alchemy Molex to SATA, plugged in the only molex run, cut off all of them apart from the first one, connected that to the PSU and then ran the silver extension up to where the fan hub will live.

Which was a massive pain in the . Especially trying to get all four extended fans up in the same space without removing the PSU which would be almost impossible now.

Oh and ignore all of those cables hanging out (SATA, 24 pin etc etc) there is no point in tidying it until the drives have gone in. Which can't happen until after tomorrow night, as it's our game night and if I remove them I won't have any games to play :D

Dawelio 22-06-21 05:55 PM

That PSU is rather big for the case, would be better suited with an SFX one.

AlienALX 22-06-21 06:00 PM

I forgot to add. I am not using the Bitspower fans now. They are not great for AF, and they have two hubs. I really, truly CBA peeing around with RGB cables in there. It's too tight. The board has RGB, the RAM has RGB so that's one side. The other has the GPU in.


That's more than enough. What I did was use the two Eloop I had left over from the Big Me rig that I used in the front of the Phanteks.


And the two Cooler Master fans that came with the AIO in the bottom.

It's funny. The more I work on it the more it literally becomes a Mini Me for the rig at home. Inverted board, same fans etc. Good thing I had a ton of fan extensions left over from that PC too ! I really needed them.


Originally Posted by Dawelio (Post 1034355)
That PSU is rather big for the case, would be better suited with an SFX one.

All it would do is gain you more space. Which, if you consider that everything is in there? wouldn't make much of a difference. The case was designed to use ATX, and you have to buy an adapter plate to use a SFX. Then you can double the price of the PSU and then some, etc. Not worth it dude. That EVGA PSU is 700w and was 53. The equivalent SFX? I don't even want to think about that.

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