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skullen 03-04-21 04:26 PM

Rog Strix 850 white power supply
Hi,sorry if this is a bit long winded
I have the asus strix white edition 850w power supply.
cables that came with it dont fit into the 4 pin and the 8 pin ATX plugs,the pin configuration is different to the board which is also Asus ( rog strix B550- gaming ).
Any help would be much appreciated.

WYP 03-04-21 04:41 PM

Can you show us a picture of the cables that you are trying? They should fit if they are the right cables.

Practically ll DIY motherboards feature the same inputs.

skullen 03-04-21 05:32 PM

Hi WYP,hope these help.



Even if i swap them round they still dont match up.



Dawelio 03-04-21 06:47 PM

That looks to be the incorrect cable, as even though you are holding them togheter incorrect (the latches should be togheter and hence not a gap between the pins), the bottom outer pins on the motherboard are squares, meanwhile your cable only has a single square on one side and a rounded one on the other.

skullen 04-04-21 01:47 PM

Thanks for the replys all sorted.

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