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WYP 11-04-21 07:33 PM

The Epic Games Store is losing Hundreds of Millions
Epic Games claims that the Epic Games Store will be profitable in 2023.


Read more about the Epic Games Store's financial losses.

KingNosser 11-04-21 09:42 PM

I use it don't like the app it needs a lot of work to ever be on par with steam.

Saying that it's been alright, free games is never a bad thing really, but when they have the 10 coupon with every game in a sale, it makes for some real bargains i got disco elysium for 10 at christmas time due to that so i'm not going to complain too much.

But it will never be a replacement for steam for me, just another app like Origin and Uplay ect, even GOG Galaxy is a far better application, so while I don't hate it given the choice i would prefer not to use it as much as it may seem that tim wants me too.

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