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WYP 21-04-17 12:18 PM

Wyp's work area
I have been living in my current house for almost a year now, so I thought it would be nice to finally show off my workspace before I move to a different place in June.

I am the kind of person who likes changing things up every once in a while for no reason, so this is technically configuration 3.0 in this room. Hopefully I will get my setup done well in my next place and show it off a little sooner.


Not the tidiest place in the world, but I can get work done here. I have shelving for random boxes etc and easy access to a range of GPUs ETC for games testing.

As some will see we have a disassembled Blue Yeti Mic with a broken USB port, which has been on my "fix" list for several months now. The plan is to finally replace the port this weekend and take pictures to show the process.


Here is the game test PC, which I use to benchmark new games as they are released.

The ASUS mug shown below was won from ASUS ROG in a hard fought Hearthstone battle, where I was able to overwhelm British with my Murloc deck. The Star Wars mug was a Christmas gift.


Here is my work PC, running using a 1440p Qnix Korean 1440p display and a cheap LG 1080p display. Both os these are powered using a single GTX 750Ti and enclosed inside my Clone Wars themed Phanteks Evolv MATX chassis.

Some changes will be made to this system in the near future, so expect to see more of it in the next month or so.


Also, just to annoy Tom a little I will show you my R9 Fury X, which is probably the only reference GPU that he does not own. It isn't often that I have a toy that Tom doesn't have, so I will show it off when I can. :p

Excalabur50 21-04-17 12:32 PM

Wow dude very nice indeed!

tinytomlogan 21-04-17 12:54 PM

/runs off to search ebay for a FuryX

Permafrost 21-04-17 01:11 PM

so clean, much organized, wow!

seriously look good dude :)

BigDaddyKong 21-04-17 06:05 PM

Very nice.

Tripp 21-04-17 06:28 PM

Loving the obi wan rig dude

NeverBackDown 21-04-17 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by Tripp (Post 944470)
Loving the obi wan rig dude

Agreed! Very nice! I wish I had that much hardware to fill out some shelves. I just love that stuff. Screams PCMR:)

Avet 22-04-17 05:27 AM

Very nice. I hope i can manage some personal space like that in the near future.

Dandaman91 22-04-17 06:50 AM

Quality setup right there!

WYP 23-04-17 11:56 AM

Thank you all for the compliments. I plan on showcasing the two PCs in more detail in the near future, but sadly I am very sick at the time of writing.

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