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tinytomlogan 10-03-15 01:44 PM

WIN Silverstone ITX Starter Kit Competition

We have teamed up with Silverstone to offer you all the perfect basis of your next ITX build or upgrade, their latest SG13 case plus the SX500 PSU and their Tundra watercooling unit!


First Prize: Mark Cammidge

Second Prize: Oliver Wiegand

Please contact TTL via PM before the 1st of May to verify your details and claim your prizes.

mehere 10-03-15 06:03 PM

Thanks Guv another nice give away

JR23 10-03-15 06:07 PM

In it for the ST60F! Best 2nd prize ever :o


Tiskwan 10-03-15 06:33 PM

Nice! :)

remember300 10-03-15 07:29 PM

A spare dent PSU would be handy and id probs build a little steam machine for the bedroom or something, if i got the sweet little case.

SgtT8ie 10-03-15 08:22 PM

Thanks for another sweet competition! As I'm slowly upgrading the internals of my current ITX, the prize would likely become a media PC for my recycled spares.

DocSmileyDK 10-03-15 08:42 PM

Wow always wanted a nice little wife friendly build :-) while still being able to pack some power

garih 10-03-15 09:46 PM

great excuse to build a htpc

Hanshin 11-03-15 03:28 PM

I won't enter it because I don't have plans for an ITX build right now but thank you for always bringing so many giveaways. :D

Jacob.B 11-03-15 03:28 PM

Sweet :)

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