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PV5150 20-09-06 11:14 AM

Core 2 Quadro Expected In November
Quad core, the stuff power users dream of. Are you looking at getting one no matter what...Let us know :)

Link to the news article

FragTek 20-09-06 11:15 AM

Can't wait! I think it'll be more fun having it in Xeon form though :) 4 x quad core, omfg!!

Ham 20-09-06 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by name='FragTek'
4 x quad core, omfg!!

How do we say, Overkill?

FarFarAway 20-09-06 11:59 AM

Hmm not sure if I'll be getting one tbh

FragTek 20-09-06 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by name='Ham'
How do we say, Overkill?

Dude, are you serious? There's no such thing as "overkill" in the computer world. Gimme a 100 core processor and let me slap 4 of em on one mobo and guess what? I'll have a 396 of those cores folding 100% and the other 4 will be alllll for me :)

FarFarAway 20-09-06 12:45 PM

If I can afford one I'll get it, but I don't think I will

JN 20-09-06 12:57 PM

Switching from single core to dual core cost quite a drop in overclockability - going from 2-4 cores is probably going to make things even worse.

FragTek 20-09-06 01:00 PM

I think Intel will have better luck than AMD putting out a quad core chip that actually is worth a crap for clockin'. The DC Intels aren't bad for clocking at all, now the AMD DC's are a whole other ball game.

FarFarAway 20-09-06 01:02 PM

Agreed. Intels dualies OC like mad. From 2.4 > 3.6 = not bad at all :)

JN 20-09-06 01:04 PM

Yeah they are still pretty good clockers, but the highest clock on any Intel dualies have been obtained with one of the cores disabled.

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