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AlexB 31-03-19 10:27 PM

Asus Maximus XI Gene Build

I finally finished my new build as my old build is about 4/5 years old (4790k & gtx980) so I fancied an upgrade :cool: .

I couldn't justify going all out on getting an i9-9900k as I wouldn't use all its power on offer (power = heat) and I wanted to have a smaller case on my desk so I settled on the i7-9700k matted to the Asus Maximus XI Gene. After watching a few reviews I went for the G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB Kit DDR4 3200MHz as it works well with the Asus Aura software so I can have everything in the matching colour and 16GB is enough for my to web browse and play AAA titles with easy. One of the things I liked about the Gene motherboard is that you can run four M.2 Nvme SSD's on the board so no need for mechanical HDD's :cool: plus I go to Lan events now and again so that's one less thing to worry about. It will show in the pictures below that there is a bit of a theme going on here :p as I a bought the Thor psu, Ryujin Aio and the Aura terminal and all I can say is that it all go's well together ( Asus fanboy ;) ). I'm very happy with how it all turned out and thought I would show it off to the world. :)

Spec's are as follows

CPU - Intel Core i7-9700K @5.1GHz (Coffee Lake)
Motherboard - Asus Maximus XI Gene
Ram - G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB Kit DDR4 3200MHz
Storage - Intel 660p Series 512GB M.2 SSD X4
GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1080Ti SC2
PSU - Asus ROG Thor 850W 80 Plus Platinum
CPU cooler - ASUS ROG Ryujin Performance AIO
Case - Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 mATX Case
Case lighting - ASUS ROG AURA Terminal






Really enjoyed building this as its been a while and thanks to ChronoCabel for lending a hand :D and we will be attending Insomnia Gaming Festival i64 over the Easter bank holiday at the NEC Birmingham, so if you there and fancy a meet up drop me a message.

Thanks Al

tiagojcp 01-04-19 07:24 PM

All that ROG gear, and an EVGA graphics card in the middle... Love it!
But I'm not sure on how to feel about that pink Skywarp.

ChronoCabal 01-04-19 09:44 PM

Hey.. I recognise that living room!

.. and those hands..! :o

Now looking forward to my 9th gen upgrade also!

Warchild 02-04-19 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by tiagojcp (Post 1004078)
All that ROG gear, and an EVGA graphics card in the middle... Love it!
But I'm not sure on how to feel about that pink Skywarp.

Could be worse. He could have gone full RoG...

tinytomlogan 02-04-19 11:36 AM

That guy on the TV has a massive nose!

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