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Smizzlopi 22-10-14 09:11 PM

Thermaltake Core V31 Released.
A new case from Thermaltake has been released. Is it your style?


Read more on Thermaltake Core V31 here.

Wraith 22-10-14 09:15 PM

:o Not from around these parts are you... :lol:

Tripp 22-10-14 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by wraithguard (Post 800525)
:o not from around these parts are you... :lol:

lmfao :d

CreatiXx 22-10-14 09:21 PM

Thermaltake aint really wanted around here but tbh, it looks decent imo! Pretty simple and clean.

Smizzlopi 22-10-14 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by Wraithguard (Post 800525)
:o Not from around these parts are you... :lol:

Definitely not :P

I just think a case needs to look good and have those features too. I'd rather sacrifice a 360mm radiator for 240mm and have an NZXT H440 and if I wanted extreme air flow and radiator compatibility, I'd go for a Corsair Air 540. Just me though! :D

Greenback 22-10-14 09:44 PM

Thermaltaky well there's something we don't see here that often

barnsley 23-10-14 08:10 AM

Didn't anyone tell him Thermaltake is hated here?

This just looks like a copy of a bitfenix case.

g0t.w00t? 23-10-14 08:21 AM

Is TT trying to get back into the proper case market?

Been a while since I've seen anyone using their stuff. Last case I saw from them was some horrendous thing with a giant X on the front.

EDIT - oh yeah, the Xaser. I think the one I remember was the Xaser III. Ugly bloody thing.

JR23 23-10-14 09:25 AM

Removable optical drive bays though, everyone could do that but it takes thermaltacky to show everyone how its done in a cheap case. That's almost worrying. At least it's not a stacker. Combining low end and watercooling seems kinda pointless but if AIO's grow bigger it might find a place in the market. It does not look terrible to me, if someone else did it I have a feeling we would all like it.


TPC 23-10-14 01:44 PM

Looks a bit like these lian li V1000. I like it, maybe I'm just that one guy on this forum who likes the stuff no one else does. (I even like the haf stacker)

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