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scubasteve 08-03-18 06:29 AM

Why cant have nice stuff
Ahhh doing my head in when people moan about dust been a problem and will my dust filters work on my case , well let me show you what i have to deal with

taken 2 days ago and still not got much better a bit , but not great


taken from Cyprus weekly


While the hourly concentration of respirable particulate matter with a diameter smaller than 10mm (PM 10) was 407 μg/m3 in Nicosia and 289.4 μg/m3 in Paphos on Monday, this changed to 496 μg/m3 in Paphos and 111.5 μg/m3 in Nicosia by Tuesday. Levels in Limassol remain high and are currently 295.5 μg/m3 while the safe limit is 50 μg/m3.
The air will gradually clear by the afternoon, but more dust is expected on Wednesday afternoon and it is forecast to stay in the atmosphere until Thursday, the Met office announced on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, temperatures will reach 26C inland, 21C to 23C in coastal areas and 17C in the mountains.
Been so warm as well you cant help but want to leave the windows and doors open, thats tho is no option :( bad enough it going into your lungs imagine your poor pc components, thats why even if fancy some nice case with glass all the way round it with mediocre filters and air vents just wont hold upto the ambient temps, especially in summer when average 38c-40c and can got upto 45c-47c in heat waves which we have every other week :confused:

we get these dust storms 2 maybe 3 times a year normally from Sahara but the worst ones from Syria , not that's it more or less dust but with the war there who knows what particles come over in the dust with Assad and different faction groups dropping chemical crap every other day and blaming one another all blowing over here lol i swear my lemon tress started growing melonshttps://i.imgur.com/rZOoF4q.gif

rant over but not without obligatory vid of how bad it gets :D its a vid from 2015 but you get the idea


ps: that was the 3rd one we had that year and not even the worst

tannji 08-03-18 07:50 AM

Here is some of what I have to deal with on a daily basis. This is a PC fan if you cant tell.


This fan couldn't spin at all, and had been in daily use for years. Mind blown; after cleaning it out, fan went right back to work.

scubasteve 08-03-18 08:49 AM

https://i.imgur.com/kbISShT.gif well dauuum !!! that just https://i.imgur.com/NWAGc0t.gif

AlienALX 08-03-18 08:53 AM

We had one day like that last year and every one freaked out lol. I thought it was beautiful, the sun turned orange this yellow colour it was amazing :D

clockOver 21-02-19 10:49 AM

Wow, looks really freaky

tgrech 21-02-19 11:32 AM

We get these in Malta a fair bit too, they can be horrific if the sand is low or dropping, but when they're high it's absolutely amazing, reminds me of Beneath a Steel Sky artwork

scubasteve 21-02-19 04:36 PM

That's the one :D if its not ruining everything in your house, or just making your clean car look like its just done a ammo in mad-max it dose make you feel like the twilight zone

doorooo dooo doo https://j.gifs.com/v13Zwo.gif

looz 21-02-19 08:24 PM

Woah, the only kind of sandstorm we get in Finland is Darude's. D:

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