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Apex Predator 24-05-19 05:29 PM

Frame Chaser V2 - Fractal Define C TG
Hey Guys,

i just wanted to share my latest Project with you, Codename "Frame Chaser V2".

It's build almost entirely from EVGA Components, in a slightly modded matt black Fractal Design Define C TG.

Here are it's Specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i5 9600K @5.0GHz with 1.26V, on a 240mm EVGA CLC 240
RAM: 16GB 3200MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum
GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080
SSD: 256GB SanDisk SSD Plus
PSU: Corsair RMi 1000W

My Goal was to create an industrial looking Build, that's as clean as possible. I think i achieved that Goal.

I might be the only Person in Europe that actually owns one of EVGA's Z390 FTW Motherboards. I had to order it from the United States, because it was nowhere to find here.

Let me know if you have any Questions! I'm am moving in couple Days, so i'm quite busy right now, but i hope this Build is an Inspiration for some of you.


Dawelio 24-05-19 06:19 PM

Very clean and sleek looking build, you’ve done well! Only thing I’d add is a rear exhaust fan, just to make it look ”not so empty”. Other than that, good job dude! :)

Apex Predator 24-05-19 06:34 PM

Thank you! The Thing is, if i added a Fan back there, it would partially cover the Branding on the Motherboard, and my OCD doesn't allow for that. If you think that the Logos on the CPU Cooler and the Graphics Card lining up perfectly is accidental, well, you're wrong. I returned a FTW3 Ultra Gaming, which was a lot faster and had much better Cooling, because the Fins on it were slightly bent and angled and it didn't look right. I'm nuts, LOL.

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