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alxcsb 09-02-19 08:30 AM

MSI GX70 does not want to install graphics driver.
Hey there. As the title suggests, after a Windows 10 update, as usual, the driver got screwed up. This happened before, and a quick clean-up with DDU in safe mode and a driver re-install would fix it. Not this time though. Tried everything, several versions of driver, several versions of Windows, tried manually installing the driver without the AMD wizard, nothing works. The furthest I got was the driver installed and after restart, the laptop would freeze and a VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR blue screen would show up. Any idea of what I can try next? Is the graphics card itself dead? I want to mention that I tried pulling it out, the MXM M290X, and the laptop does work without it, but the fan spins up to the max and never slows down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

deadbc77 01-03-19 09:59 AM

This is the only driver that would work on my old GX70 . Any newer driver after that would cause bluescreen. When i gave it to my son,i told him if windows ever asks you to update driver never do it. This is the last all in one driver support for APU,and GPU combo for the GX70. Hope this helps.


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