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MiNo 23-08-18 12:03 PM

Ancient news pop-ups

I find the 'pop-up' notifications in the bottom of the screen of articles "I might be interested in" annoying and irrelevant, as it is almost always articles I've read several years ago and hardly ever even remotely related to what I'm currently reading.

Todays example, from my reading about the new 2080RTX cards cuda-core performance: https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu..._circulation/1

WillSK 23-08-18 12:29 PM

Yeah I always get one about a witcher 3 mod. From quite a while back

Dark NighT 23-08-18 01:15 PM

I've blocked add.this a while ago because i find them annoying, i don't block other ads on the site but yeah.

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