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AlienALX 08-12-19 10:57 PM

Finally after 10 days my Bose Soundtouch arrived. So I got a bracket.




And an extended power cable.


And these.



Warchild 10-12-19 05:26 PM

I done gone goofed up.


Bartacus 10-12-19 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by Warchild (Post 1013620)

Sweet! I want to play with one of those too, but don't want to spend the money. The prices just will not drop on those things, at least here in Canada!

Dicehunter 10-12-19 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by Warchild (Post 1013620)

Fun card, Enjoy :)

AlienALX 10-12-19 06:19 PM

I bought a 11.6" tablet lol.

I'll stick pics up later.

AlienALX 12-12-19 05:19 PM

TECLAST M16 4G Tablet PC 11.6 Inch 1920x1080 FHD IPS Big Screen 4GB RAM 128GB ROM SSD Helio X27 10-Core Processor 4G Network&Call Dual-Band WiFi 2.4G+5G Android 8 GPS



Finding specific info on it was tough, as it has literally just been launched. They do have a good rep for their 10" tablets though, and one of them has won many awards for being the best sub 200 tablet.

Sod's law it's at my mother's and I am not going back until Saturday, so I must sit and drool until then :(

KingNosser 12-12-19 05:30 PM

Roccat ryos mk glow


Was cheap off ebay spilt tea on my old one and the left ctrl key stopped working but it went nuts until I cleaned it but the ctrl key will not work but this new keyboard is nice cherry mx black switches nicer than the blue's im finding :)

Dicehunter 15-12-19 06:09 AM

Blank black backplate from ColdZero for my AE-9, Even though the AE-9's PCB on the back is very clean looking, The backplate just makes it looks a bit more stealthy :)


Greenback 15-12-19 01:16 PM

My son wanted an upgrade from the 2500k so I got these





AlienALX 15-12-19 04:08 PM

Sold my bedroom PC. It was heavy and I couldn't be assed lugging it up my stairs.

Bought a Gears 5 ltd ed XB1X and Rage 2 with turtle beach headset and RDR2 steelcase.

That ought to do for the bedroom. Nice thing is I have tons of games now too.

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