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MooDSwinG 06-04-17 11:42 AM

My New X99 Build The Pathfinder
Hi Everyone,

I've not really posted much since 2013 back when i did my Switch 810 build with modded 670's.

I have a new project now which is almost finished, i plan on getting a 1080Ti soon and maybe putting it under water on a separate compact dual 120 RAD loop, i say maybe because i may not have enough space and end up just adding another RAD and adding the card to the current loop. The system was inspired by the new Mass Effect Andromeda game, mainly the initiatives colour scheme. I will soon hopefully be getting my hands on a custom two-piece logo of the Andromeda Initiative cut out of acrylic to go up on the side of the optical bays to hide that horrible section top right of the case too.


Intel 6900K (currently running a 4.37)
32GB Avexir Raiden 3000Mhz DDR4
2 x Custom Sprayed 780Ti's
Super flower leadex gold 1000W PSU with official Black/White braided cables
Samsung 960 Pro NMVE 512GB M.2 SSD
Corsair Force GT 240GB SSD (modded white)
Corsair Force GS 240GB SSD (modded white)
Corsair Force GS 360GB SSD (modded white)
Integral 512GB SSD (modded white)
WD Black 1TB HD
Corsair 760T


XSPC Cross flow dual 120 Rad (roof)
Double deep Dual 120 Rad (front)
3 x Noise Blocker 120mm fans
1 x Noise Blocker 140mm fan
2 x Corsair SP120mm fans ( stealthed/front )
EK ASUS x99 MonoBlock
XSPC 45/90 rotary chrome/black fittings
Monsoon chrome black compression fittings
EK DDC x-Res CSQ pump/Rez Combo with 250 rez added to it.
NZXT sentry 1 touch screen fan controller ( been in 4 of my builds, its kind of a thing )












So there she is, still an ongoing project really but as i said it wont be 100% for a few months now. However i have sorted the cable management into the cards and CPU a lot better since i had these shots done.

Kinda want to plug my little i.t shop but worried about backlash. lol

If you are interested my I.T shop in WSM is just starting out but you can find more of my builds for customers by searching: NPComputersweston on FB.

Thanks for looking !

tinytomlogan 06-04-17 11:50 AM

Its look very pretty but the mismatched GPU's would drive me nuts and although the memory may look nice they are noisey in real life :(

MooDSwinG 06-04-17 11:53 AM

It does drive me nuts mate, just happened across a bargain matrix 780Ti so rolled with it for the time being. I'll be getting a 1080Ti under water v soon dude. The ram does give off a little buz but i never worry about noise while gaming and its hardly audible with two sp120's stealthed in the front of the case ( also want them gone soon )

Cheers for looking Tom.

Excalabur50 06-04-17 11:53 AM

As Tom said it does look nice but different cards would drive me nuts too, it's the only thing that truly spoils it

MooDSwinG 06-04-17 11:57 AM

Wont be for long, totally agree. Still, its better now they are white and not Red/Black. Long story short, i'd planned on them both going under water but never got around to it on the last build. I should have prob waited a few months to post this with the 1080Ti under water in it but i'll update the thread when i do. :)

Excalabur50 06-04-17 11:59 AM

I must say I really like the fittings you chose for the hosing as they look really lush with the white

tinytomlogan 06-04-17 11:59 AM

Nice job painting them though, hides the difference quite well

AlienALX 06-04-17 12:04 PM

Nice work. IMO another instance of soft tubing looking better than hard line, too.

MooDSwinG 06-04-17 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by tinytomlogan (Post 942942)
Nice job painting them though, hides the difference quite well

Thanks TTL, was my first time using sprays too which had me on edge :)

Gripen90 06-04-17 12:16 PM

Looks really crisp. The GFX mismatch I actually think looks good - reminds me of the mechanics of older engine before they got all covered up in plastic :)

wackomann 27-04-17 08:03 PM

This is such a nice build dude, totally up my street. Nice clean tubing too, one of my pet peeves when people slap in soft lines and they are like a spider haha!

rigel023 02-05-17 10:04 AM

pretty dope!

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