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Yugiboy 22-03-17 05:39 PM

Need some help over clocking My new Toys!
I have one of the new Ryzen Systems and can't get a solid grasp of the OC side of it and for the love of god can not get my ram speed above 2133.
CPU: R7 1700
MB: ASUS Prime X370 pro
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 4x4GB 3200(yes I know I won't hit that with 4 DIMMs but it was cheaper than the 2133 & 2400 at the time lol.)
Main drive is WB black NVME
GPU ASUS Strix 480 8Gb oc

I have the latest EFI and all drivers.
I have issues with overclocking the ram. the MB says it can do 2400 & 2666 with all 4 DIMM slots full, but I can't get it to boot with either setting.
I get a 4050Mhz OC just using the ASUS auto tuner and it is 100% stable(checked it with Prime95 and cinebench both run fine and fast on multiple runs. so is there a way to oc the CPU and the ram at the same time on this motherboard? I am coming from an 8350 system so this one is just odd to OC for some reason lol any help or links to vids on this would be very welcomed and appreciated.

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