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Kronus 09-12-05 05:41 AM

Wow fast and warm welcome, I'll be getting setteled in in a while with all my system spects and other stuff later on today. I think i'll like it here.

enVias 09-12-05 06:57 AM

I'm sure you will :D

Wonderful group of knowledgable people!

FarFarAway 09-12-05 08:37 AM

Yep welcome here mate. We're all pretty friendly here @ :anisx:

Devious 10-12-05 02:46 PM

Hello ! Ive been overclocking for about a year ! Just love getting speed for little money :D Ive got my 2nd system up and running, a shiny new opteron 146 2.0Ghz, so far at 2.9Ghz. Hope to speak to you all soon :)


enVias 10-12-05 02:52 PM

Hey! Welcome to :anisx: :D Make yourself at home.

Dav0s 10-12-05 04:16 PM

welcome ;)

kevb 13-12-05 04:21 PM

welcome :)

Kronus 13-12-05 04:46 PM

Again, Thnaks everyone.

Tangles 16-12-05 12:59 PM

Hello, just joined today, looks like a friendly place, glad to be here :)

Dav0s 16-12-05 02:00 PM


looks like a friendly place

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