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Excalabur50 22-01-20 07:42 PM

RIP TSL Micheala
Although I can barely see to type this through my tears I thought it would be right to put in a thread where we can all give Tom our deepest Condolences in one place.

I'm devastated for you mate anyway I can't words anymore but I send you my love and well wishes.

AlienALX 22-01-20 07:44 PM

Always here for you. Always. Through rants, bans and the odd tear.

God bless Michaela. Fly free, angel. X

Bartacus 22-01-20 07:49 PM

Devastated as well. :( Tom, we're here for you if you need us mate.

Dark NighT 22-01-20 07:49 PM

Rest in Peace Michaela!
You have our support Tom.

Dicehunter 22-01-20 08:04 PM

So sorry to hear this, My condolences Guv, We're all here for you !

TheF34RChannel 22-01-20 08:04 PM

Shocked and so sorry for your terrible loss Tom. Go whichever way is right for you.

Dawelio 22-01-20 08:10 PM

Don’t mean to be insensitive here, but who’s Michaela and what has really happened? :mellow:...

SPS 22-01-20 08:15 PM

Jesus christ, I'm so sorry to hear this :(

Excalabur50 22-01-20 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Dawelio (Post 1015380)
Donít mean to be insensitive here, but whoís Michaela and what has really happened? :mellow:...

Michaela is Tom's sister, watch this video


g0ggles1994 22-01-20 08:26 PM

I can't even fathom what you're feeling at the moment Guv. Just take it easy, we all grieve at our own pace.

We all support you in whatever you do and how long it takes; just take care of yourself in the meantime, we're all here for you.

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