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Arty 15-11-15 05:52 AM

I'm new to the forums
Hello everyone.

I have visited YouTube reviews a few times and ventured into Overclock3D reviews a few times as well and found some good information and decided it was time to get in the forum.

I have been using PCs since the mid 1980s and progressed in my education and eventually became an expert in primarily PC hardware and owned my own company until a medical disability put a stop to it.

I still love to dabble in PCs. I hope to find friends here that I can exchange information with and possibly help someone.

Doomslayer 15-11-15 06:09 AM

Welcome to the forums

TalllPaul 15-11-15 07:26 AM

Welcome Arty :D

Excalabur50 15-11-15 07:33 AM

G'day Welcome to OC3D

Dark NighT 15-11-15 12:33 PM

Welcome to OC3D!

Wraith 15-11-15 01:33 PM

Welcome to the forums fella.

Asperatis 15-11-15 07:01 PM

Hi Arty and welcome to the community!

WYP 15-11-15 07:14 PM

Welcome to the forums Arty

Oseth 16-11-15 06:58 AM

Welcome to the club!!!

tinytomlogan 16-11-15 10:56 AM

Welcome to the forums dudio :)

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