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NeverBackDown 04-02-13 01:54 PM

Well just laugh and say your just jealous i'm already faster:)

USAdystopia 04-02-13 05:26 PM

Get a Swiftech H220, Kraken 60 or Corsair for that nuclear powered 3770k.

6 months from now that 7950 is going to be sitting much lower in the GPU hierarchy!

NeverBackDown 05-02-13 12:07 AM

Thats why you buy another one or OC:)

H220 outperforms all those coolers mentioned for like 15$ more and can be tunred into a custom loop which right there makes it more worthwhile:)

Destro521 05-02-13 09:00 AM

kk just hope my stryker can cool 2 7950s haha but i will be buying more fans as i earn more money
and the h220 is on my shopping list ;D

NeverBackDown 05-02-13 01:57 PM

Your striker can but will do better with good fans. Glad to hear about the h220!!:)

Destro521 12-02-13 10:46 PM

Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped me along the way :D I don't know if I got lucky or not by my crossfired 7950s both reached 1200 core and 1575 Memory and I still have quite a bit of headroom on both cards.
Im going to need to get 2 fans just so I can get the load temps down in the summer months as here my room sits at 40 celcius and my cards at 41-42.

When I took the case out of the box I didn't expect the sheer size it had ;p
I haven't Oced my CPU yet but I will look into it today

NeverBackDown 12-02-13 11:11 PM

Glad to hear it went well! I would not bother OC'ing memory on gpus.. not much benefit. Focus on all core clock then go ahead and get your memory higher:)

Deejeta 13-02-13 07:31 AM

Good work champ. Looks like you won the silicon lottery twice with those clocks on both cards.
Yeah maybe wait for this awful heatwave to bugger off before heavy o'cing the ivy chip. My water temp got to 45c today under load, with the room at 38c.

Destro521 13-02-13 10:34 AM

once i get a job i can then purchase a h220 but currently using a hyper 212 as i received a call from PLE saying the i30 freezer would not fit on the mobo.
my load temps are anywhere between 65-85 but my top gpu is doing more of the work than the bottom. is there any way to fix that?

I managed to artifact today with a high 101 degrees as my room shot up to 48 room temp. surprisingly it was because i turned SSAO on in wargame European escalation. while the game was running at 175+ FPS the temps still got the better of the fans D: i have also heard of turning off the ULPS but i don't know what it deos.

i didnt have time to OC the cpu as i had to sort out a bunch of travel-related stuff to get to my tafe in thornlie

Lystfiskern 13-02-13 11:25 AM

Youre age and income-situation in mind I would be very careful pushing your system to hard before u have a better cooling solution mounted.
A severely high ambient temp will effect your running temps a lot. If u got temps
in the 40s C in your room U should get on to as large of a wc-system as u can - as fast as u can. Til then - keep your system as cool as u can and enjoy the thing.

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