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Destro521 29-01-13 12:22 AM

ahh kk, i was up until 5am trying find out whether the 670s were better or not but couldnt find much, Then my mum Raged at my brother at 8am so its now 9 AM and i have 2 more days to figure out what i want.

With the computer i can get a g110 or steelseries 6Gv2 and with the g110 i can get the 23" monitor and the XFX 850W XXX edition semi modular power supply and everything else for only 2398$ :D and hopefully the ple workers add in both never settle bonus codes ;) then i can chuck the games on my desktop and laptop which my brother is going to use.
i might have to email them if they would include all 6 codes. And i am running my 6870M radeon mobile chip on 12.11 and this chip has a much higher framerate than it did before. but for somereason i have always been plagued with 12.10 driver issues so i had to go to .11 beta 8

Also if i drop the logitech i free up 30$ for a better cpu cooler, should i? or should i keep with the G110 or Deathstalker?

My dad just bought Windows 7 or 8 from the store and has it in an email :( how am i gonna do this with no internet?

NeverBackDown 29-01-13 12:47 AM

What can you get for an extra 30$ towards the cpu cooler?
Get the code now and write it down, let NO ONE else use it otherwise you cant.

Destro521 29-01-13 12:58 AM

i dont know the email, my dad is doing his Gulf tour and i have no idea which OS it is :(
Hopefully it isnt windows 7 home premium cause i would like my 16gb ram haha
with the OS downlaod and the games downlaod it will use next months internet aswell

NeverBackDown 29-01-13 01:08 AM

They sent you the product key, just download W7 starter then use the prduct key to upgrade or download an iso file from microsoft on a usb stick(8gb is fine) then when you build your computer enter the bios and tell it to boot from the usb stick and then follow the iinstructions. Home premium caps the ram at 16gb and won't let you go higher.

Find out the email asap :P

Destro521 29-01-13 01:40 AM

turns out it was office 2012 >_> i was told it was the OS

NeverBackDown 29-01-13 01:43 AM

better than OSX! ;)

Destro521 29-01-13 06:27 AM

haha :) i cant find any reviews about the XFX 7950 black edition when compared to the gtx 670 reference but i found one for another but it was a different card with 12.11 drivers whereas the XFX reviews where early-late january last year :(
it seems the 670 comes out ahead on some games but not on others and the 7950 can definatly OC quite a bit and it seems i just have to drag a slider up and then get MSI afterburner or something right?

Ive also asked for a quote from PLE for 2 MSI Twin frozr 7950 so i can compare prices and also a quote on the MSI GD65 as i can get them custom ordered for the build

if i can get a good price i will look into it but its extremely close with the 7950 HIS X2 and the gtx 670
The MSI 7950 twin frozr averages 43 fps on battlefield 3 but with the reference 670 averaging 55 frames
I can afford either one and want the best performance possible but i dont have any past experience with either of these cards

NeverBackDown 29-01-13 01:49 PM

The 7950 gets far more than 43fps, and the 670 i know gets over 60fps, unless the benchmark has some heavy anti aliasing. 7950 is faster just like always some games perfer nvidia or amd so those games are not very vaild to compare because they are unreliable. If you play nvidia based games then get it if not then the overall better choice is 7950. The Twin Frozr is an amazing card and if you can get that GD65, then you basicallly got the next best board under an Mpower!

Destro521 29-01-13 02:14 PM

Yeah :D i can also get an mpower for 259$ not sure how much i would have to sacrifice for it though
if i can get a good 7950 CFX for around 350 i should be able to get the mpower

NeverBackDown 29-01-13 11:07 PM

Only get the mpower if you plan on overclocking pretty high because if its a 4.5ghz OC then almost any decent board can get you that stable,and also only if its cheaper than the MVF in your location.

BTW are you doing a build log? I would love to see how it all turns out! :)

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