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Destro521 21-01-13 11:17 AM

Am i getting the best for my 2400 AUD?
This build will be custom made in Australia i cant go over 2400$.
I just wish australia didnt have such high Hardware prices.
The build i am going with is:

CPU: i7 3770k 333$

Motherboard: Maximus V Formula 359$

GPU:Asus ROG Matrix Platinum 7970 599$

Cpu cooler: Hyper 212 Evo (i want to get something better but im including a 23" monitor and keyboard in my build which costs 200-300$ for both of them)

Audio: Built in 7.1 surround on the MVF using Tritton 720s(Already had them)

PSU: XFX core 750W 80Plus Bronze 120$

OS Drive: Silicon power v30 120gb SSD
HDD: 2tb seagate barracuda

Wireless: Tp-Link wn951n pci adapter

OS: Windows 8 OEM

Keyboard: either razer deathstalker or logitech g110

Monitor Acer s230hl 23" LED full HD monitor

Im trying to decide between a HAF X, CM StormStryker, Switch 810 or a NZXT Phantom 820

Is there any problems with my build?
I have spent a good 150+ hours reading reviews and watching The OC3D reviews which are great informative reviews.
I just need to make sure im getting the best for my money even if its australia's high priced hardware haha :D

jamesriley94 21-01-13 11:26 AM

What's this going to be used for?

You're wasting a lot of money on the graphics card and the motherboard.
Money saved from that could buy you a better CPU cooler, such as an H100i.

I'd also suggest a different power supply - one that's fully modular maybe, like a Corsair AX760, or Silverstone Strider.

Destro521 21-01-13 11:30 AM

it is going to be used for Gamedevelopement
3D modelling and rendering
and Gaming and overclocking

And i need it to last me a while so i dont have to add money on to my 15000$ uni bill

jamesriley94 21-01-13 11:33 AM

I'd switch to an MSI Z77 mPower or GD65.
Then save money on the graphics card and get the standard DCII 7970 or a different brand.

Look up the review of the 7970 Matrix - it's just a waste of money.

Destro521 21-01-13 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by jamesriley94 (Post 606051)
I'd switch to an MSI Z77 mPower or GD65.
Then save money on the graphics card and get the standard DCII 7970 or a different brand.

Look up the review of the 7970 Matrix - it's just a waste of money.

I have watched the OC3D review of the 7970 matrix and have read alot more from different websites.
The OC3D review is one of the only reviews that view it as a waste whereas some say the card is awesome and worth the money
so its making me indesisive about it.

Also i forgot to mention the site im picking teh stuff from deosnt have that much choice such as no direct CU II 7970 and no MSI Mpower which is quite dissapointing
And i really wanted the MSI MPower aswell :(

jamesriley94 21-01-13 11:44 AM

Are there no other sites you can use?

Destro521 21-01-13 11:52 AM

Places like PCcasegear have the same prices and with substantial shipping fees on top of that :(
i can send them an email and they will include the msi mpower in the build though i just dont know if its better than the MVF

Master&Puppet 21-01-13 02:12 PM

The z77 boards all perform very similarly. You will get the same performance out of a MSI-GD55 as you will the most expensive board on the market!

I'd also just get a standard 7970 (with 3rd party cooler) - all you have to do is move the sliders to the right in CCC and you'll be at/near the same performance as the Matrix for a lot less.

Destro521 21-01-13 02:47 PM

would 2 660 direct cu OC be worth the money even that is a saving of 81$
or should i just get a 680 SC or something?
The gene is just over 100$ cheaper at 224 instead of 359 but that cuts out SLI deosnt it?
i like the features of the MVF and would be using them often.
im just unsure because of the fact that multiple reviews say its good and some say it isnt worth the price. Same goes for the 7970 matrix platinum

Feronix 21-01-13 02:59 PM

Imo; Get either a GTX 670 or a regular 7970 (not the ROG stuff)

Truth is that you're paying a lot more than necessary for ROG stuff. Like mentioned before; swap out the mainboard for an MSI Z77 Mpower or a GD-65.

Don't SLI lower end cards when you can have a single card solution. Single card is always better for temps

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