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Apex Predator 14-11-19 04:32 PM

Non-A RTX 2080 at 2100MHz/8250MHz and 41c

Hey Guys,

i hooked my MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Aero 8G up to a Fractal Design Celsius S36 360mm AIO with NZXT's Kraken G12 Bracket. I bought this Card new for 555 a couple Months back, which was an insane Deal, but i wasn't really satisfied with it's Cooling Performance. One Thing that i noticed straight away, was that it overclocked suprisingly well for a non-A Chip, even with the Blower Style Cooler, so naturally i was very curious to see how it performed under Water. Well, here are my Results. This is after a 20 Minute Run of FurMark ( in 1080p with 8x MSAA with an Overclock of 200MHz on the Core, and 1250MHz on the Memory:



The Temperatures never exceeded 41c. I have seen it go up to 42c before, but it always came back down to 41c immediately. That's with the 3 Fans spinning at 2000RPM. The Core Clock started at 2115MHz in the Beginning, and then ended up at 2100MHz average with no Fluctuation whatsoever. Of course this Number may vary in different Scenarios and under different Loads. These Results are mighty impressive though in my Opinion. I paid a little under 30 for the GPU Bracket, and 60 for the AIO on eBay. That puts me at 645 total for an RTX 2080 wipes the Floor with any of the AIB Cooler Designs. The Installation was very simple aswell, but i got lucky that the Aero Cooler from MSI was so easy to take apart. If you watched a Teardown of NVIDIA's Founders Edition, you know what i mean. I didn't even need any other Tools than a small Phillips Head Screwdriver. So in Conclusion, i can highly recommend this Mod. It's an Investment in the Future really, that's if future GPU's Support it, but if they do, you can basically buy the cheapest GPU that's available to you, regardless of it's Cooling Solution, and just slap this Thing on and get proper Cooling. Let me know if you wanna see more Testing. I'm not an Expert in this sort of Thing, but i will see what i can do. If you're interested to see what the entire Build looks like, you can follow me at builds.gg/frame_chaser. The Build will be posted there sometime this Week. My OC3D Themed Case Mod is also uploaded there. Unfortunately the Images have disappeared from my original Forum Thread.

Avet 14-11-19 06:04 PM

Congratulations! You have just won The Grand Prize playing the everlasting game of Silicon Lottery!

trawetSluaP 14-11-19 06:27 PM

I wish I could keep my temps that low, however, with GPU in the same loop as a 7900X I have no chance.

Congrats on willing the Silicon lottery.

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