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AlienALX 18-01-21 03:43 PM

haha oh god no, no more PC stuff.

looz 19-01-21 09:09 PM

Not quite the usual 2021 buy, but makes sense in my situation, kinda.
Desktop gets 2 more cores and if I get lucky, a better memory controller. Server gets to move from a coffee lake 2c/4t pentium to an undervolted 8700k.

I don't think either 11th gen or Zen 3 justify a new motherboard.

AlienALX 22-01-21 01:40 PM

Most expensive speakers I have ever bought. Thankfully I didn't even pay half of the RRP, or I would be totally broke lol.


Revel M105.

trawetSluaP 22-01-21 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by AlienALX (Post 1031006)
Most expensive speakers I have ever bought. Thankfully I didn't even pay half of the RRP, or I would be totally broke lol.

Revel M105.

*Looks up cost. Jaw hits floor.* WOW. Bet the sound incredible!

My new CPU/Mobo turned up :)


AlienALX 22-01-21 09:07 PM

Revel is basically a part of Harman group. You know, like Harman Kardon? they have done speakers for Apple (those clear ones etc). They are owned by Samsung now.

If you think those are expensive you should see the rest of the range. Those are the cheapest speakers they make lol.

Bartacus 22-01-21 09:28 PM

Decided to switch the money I had down on an EVGA 3080 over to a 6900XT, after not hearing hide nor hair about the 3080 for weeks now. 3 days later, this beast lands:


Thicc girl is thhiiiiiiiccc!

KingNosser 22-01-21 09:46 PM

It's a beast for sure, you have 8CU's extra over my 6800XT, so i know it's a beast enjoy :)

23RO_UK 26-01-21 10:44 AM

So I know the question is going to be, but why?


In short, I picked it up for 345 :D

So the long answer would be, given it's not a bad CPU, it was just badly priced in relation to both the the 3600X and the 5900X; well for 345 quid including DPD delivery I figured it was a no brainer as 5900X's are just a touch thin on the ground here in the UK.

AlienALX 04-02-21 08:40 PM

Those speakers. Wow. Talk about jaw on the floor.



I set them up on the cheap adjustable stands I bought but I knew it was only a matter of time before I got something far more substantial. And I was right, I did.

After a lot of digging I found a set of Atacama SE4 in graphite. NOS (2005).


Two 3.5m runs of Audioquest X2 cables and tag mclaren connectors.


Stands came. 40kg. I s**t you not. Nearly damn killed me.


They're beautiful though.



Only one thing kinda bumming me out. The "place holder" cheap centre speaker I bought sounds great. However, it is too big to fit under the TV (goes over the screen) and too big to fit under my TV cabinet, hence the 30kg stand its on.


Which is pretty far from ideal. One day I will wall mount a newer TV and use the stand again. However, I am not happy with the centre speaker for other reasons.


That is a pic from before I changed out the front speakers and stands, but you get the point. It's so glossy it reflects the TV image and does my head in when watching TV. I could cover the top, but it was always a cheap place holder. Enter the final centre speaker.


A NOS Linn Centrik. It uses four 80mm drivers rather than two 120, meaning it is low enough in height to go under my TV stand. A much better, tidier solution.

Excalabur50 04-02-21 09:33 PM

Looooking really bloody good Alien!

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