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Nine Iron 05-04-20 01:55 PM

Ryzen DRAM calculator - tRFC has multiple values
I'm putting this lockdown to some use and trying to tighten my RAM timings, and it's becoming obvious through my reading around that tRFC has a measurable effect on overall performance.

I've used Ryzen DRAM calculator to get me started and it gives a single value for tRFC, but my board has it split into tRFC1, 2 and 4. The calculator reports my current tRFC as 630; my 1, 2 and 4 values add up to close to 630, but not quite.

What's the best way to set tRFC to, say, 576? Reduce each individual value proportionally and see what happens? I've read about BIOS clears having to be done because of too-low tRFC, and while I've got profiles saved, I don't really want to wipe everything out if I don't have to!



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