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FTLN 17-11-19 12:06 AM

Cheap Ram - Massive Overclock
Hi All,

I bought some cheap ram of amazon to max out my X299 board (8x16gb).
Couldnt really justify blowing a 1k Euros on a corsair RGB blingy blingy kit so I opted for some Komputerbay DDR4 2666Mhz PC4-21300 DIMM 2Rx8 CL19 1.2v.

Green PCB is sickly, and they are so rubbish that they dont even have XMP profile, there is also a space on the pcb for an ECC chip but maybe they didnt make the grade to become ECC or were surplus supply.


Anyways, got these buggers up to 3733mhz CL19 @ 1.4v , yes all 8 x 16GB.

All for the price of 100euros per kit of 2 sticks = Grand Total of 400 euros for 128GB

So now my question : How can I bling them up a bit , they really do look awfull when I look through my tempered glass window :( ?





AlienALX 17-11-19 12:32 AM

Cheap option


Middle ground


Expensive, non RGB, beautifully made version


I have both the medium and XSPC.

Bum bleeding option, two of these.


AlienALX 17-11-19 12:35 AM

BTW do note the middle ground are so well made that Antec slapped their logo on and called them theirs. I put Aquacomputer logos over mine.

Other notes. I've got two sets of "up here" fans and I'm very impressed by them.

Thanos 17-11-19 02:00 AM

Or if your not a fan of RGB perhaps something like


or place some dark film on the tempered glass. :D

Do the modules get hot with the OC? Also can probably add your own XMP by writing to the SPD once happy.

Bartacus 17-11-19 03:55 AM

I paid $65CDN for a Barrow memory block kit, RGB, comes with a dinky little Chinese controller, but if you have half a brain, you can find / wire an Aura / Fusion / Mystic Light cable to your mobo. No regrets. Two of these would set you back less than 100 pounds (or whatever ~$130CDN is in your currency). Bling bling!


RobM 17-11-19 01:14 PM

you could always find some failed RAM and use the heat plates of them

FTLN 17-11-19 03:00 PM

@Thanos, they dont seem hot to the touch...

Thanks for the input, gonna go with these , less than 2 euros a piece and blue, should reflect nicely in my case :


Warchild 18-11-19 08:54 AM

I would get a 3d printed shroud to cover all 4 rather on each side than individual sticks getting a heatsink on them.

You could make a nice breathable box cover for both sides.

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