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tinytomlogan 18-10-20 06:39 PM

ASUS ROG Z11 ITX Gaming Case Review

The ROG Z11 is unlike anything that we have ever seen.

ASUS ROG Z11 ITX Gaming Case Review

Deadtroopers 22-10-20 01:18 PM

That better have been a decent single malt, matey! :D

Okey smokey: Impressive build quality but at that price I would want NO plastic AT ALL. It is good that you can re-orientate the ROG eye seen thru the side panel; pity about the ROG logo by the graphics card when it is stood up!

Speaking of which: I want to see ALL my graphics card; that obscuring caused by the illuminated logo had my back up straight away. I'd go back to the drawing board and put it across the top as seen when vertically oriented; the external I/O I'd put along the bottom in two rows and with two intake vents either side above for balance (The card would appreciate more intake too!).

Personally I'd use the case horizontally, a hangover from the FT02.

This is so close it makes me grind my teeth: the lopsided, card obscuring, card starving, aesthetic I wouldn't pay 24 for; never mind 240. Sort the aesthetic, I'd probably buy two. ASUS, :rolleyes:!!!

tinytomlogan 22-10-20 02:37 PM

Balvenie double cask ;)

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