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robbiec 07-07-19 10:20 PM

Project - Tuxedo - {Completed}
Having read Tom's article this afternoon and paying a visit to OCUK, I am now awaiting delivery of a Ryzen 9 and a Lian-Li PC0-11 Dynamic (as i'm in Ireland, it will probably be Friday :(

Out goes the Phanteks Enthoo Primo
Out goes the Ryzen 2700+

In comes the Lian-Li PC0-11 Dynamic
In comes the Ryzen 9 3900X

Staying will be the following:
Asus Crosshair Vii Hero Wi-Fi (X470)
AMD Vega VII with EK FC Block
GSkill TridentZ 2 x 8GB 3200 C14s (which run nicely at 3333 C14)
2 x Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 GB
2 x Toshiba X300 4TB
Aquacomputer D5 Next
Aquacomputer Aquaero 6LT
Aquacomputer HUBBY7 USB Hub
Aquacomputer Quadro Fan controller
2 x Aquacomputer Splitty4s

Undecided on the following just yet:
EKWB Velocity CPU Block
Noiseblocker PL2 fans (have 13 of the little buggers around the place)

I'm looking at the Aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO with VISION block in place of the Velocity as it has not impressed me in any way thermally. I think this is due to the mounting system which should integrate with the backplate of the Crosshair but does not.
Ref the Noiseblockers, great fans but mine are pretty old now so may need a refresh.

Build to be completed within 1 month.

Dicehunter 08-07-19 06:09 AM

Should be a nice build :)

AlienALX 08-07-19 11:17 AM

Yup lots of luvverly water cooling too.

robbiec 09-07-19 01:26 PM

3900X shipped today. Been playing with my TridentZ and it seems happy running all 14s upto 3466 with the 2406 bios (AGESA Combo AM4) . If I ease off a little then 3600 doable. The R9 might improve this.

So this will be my home rig. I'm going to twist a couple of arms in work and get hold of the ASUS WS-X570 ACE and get another 3900X, 32GB of Samsung Bs, a couple of TB in NVMe and a VEGA VII. Then it's finding out out if VMware Esxi like the onboard Intel nic or not and pulling stunts to getting VGA pass through to work. Wrap it up in a smallish Fractal with a Seasonic Prime 850ish and you have a nice Edge compute unit for a bit of Cognitive services, image recognition and some machine learning opposite Edge demographics.

robbiec 13-07-19 10:26 AM

3900X arrived this morning. Lian-li is still in Dublin. I'll run some last benches on the 2700X as a before and after.

I'm really learning towards the AC CPU block with the Vario mount, reason being I think it will work well once I understand where the chiplets sit physically. Plus I've gone off EK with the radiator dramas and the underwhelming mount of the current EK block.

AlienALX 14-07-19 08:18 PM

Pics or it didn't happen.

robbiec 14-07-19 08:42 PM

:), it hasn't happened. Waiting on Lian-li arriving tomorrow. Have a pic of the 3900 though?


AlienALX 14-07-19 10:36 PM


robbiec 16-07-19 05:46 PM

Transferred to the Lian-li. Booted OK. Back to bios, changed to DOCP settings and now constant C5 errors. Battery out for a couple of hours. This is on the latest Crosshair Vii bios (2406), fingers crossed the Ryzen isn't fried.

So its not fried but wow is it picky about ram timings - manual TridentZ, set speed to 3200, 14, 14, 14, 28 with 1.4V and a straight C5 on next boot.

robbiec 16-07-19 07:01 PM



Hmm, noice




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