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Lynx 11-10-16 05:35 PM

<50k PPD GTX 970
As the title suggests, I just started folding around a week ago and initially saw over 300k PPD.

After some googling I assumed it was the work loads I was given. I have since completed multiple WUs of different 'FahCores'.

Anyone got any ideas what might be causing this? Or is this normal? :/

Currently working on a core 21 @ 44k PPD.

(BTW, I am only folding on the GPU for efficiency sake)

hmmblah 11-10-16 06:01 PM

That is low, a 960 I have folding gets 100-150k PPD. Is the GPU @ 100% workload when it's folding? It's possible you got a string of low scoring WUs, not sure what a 21 should be scoring on a 970.

Lynx 11-10-16 06:10 PM

Yeah seems to be. I am sure I have had different WUs tbf so I am thinking something is up with my client.


stevehat1 11-10-16 06:16 PM

A 970 should do 300K PPD without much effort.
Some things to check:
Latest nvidia drivers installed from nvidia website.
Card has not reverted to 2D clocks.
Open CL is installed (should install with nvidia drivers).
Be sure you have a passkey, and have completed at least 10 WUs to obtain the bonus points.

Lynx 11-10-16 06:32 PM

Thanks for the quick replies guys.

Have the 373.06 driver installed, which is the current release.

Core clock seems stable although I am not sure if that is the normal mem clock.

OpenCL seems to be installed yeah.

I actually don't have a passkey yet, have tried to request one a few times now but the email never arrives.

Could the lack of passkey really lower my score by a such a large factor?

Lynx 11-10-16 06:38 PM

Little update:

@68k after starting this new WU. Still nowhere near the norm but shows how much the PPD can vary even running the same algorithm (core21 in this case)


stevehat1 11-10-16 08:28 PM

On the current WU my PPD is running @ 375K PPD on a 970. Without the bonus points it drops to 100K PPD.
Project 11709 @ 3:21 time per frame = 379K PPD with bonus points.
Looks like you need to get a passkey setup.

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