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Valeriant 12-10-14 05:54 PM

PCIE Power Head/ Cable
Hey guys! Newb here.

So I was wondering while looking at the ugly power cable setting for my GPU... is there a way on making it more aesthetically better? The power cable from my Corsair PSU is so hard to bend, it makes a U-shape and touching the acrylic window. Ugly. Is there an article on PCIE Power Cabling 101 maybe? Or any custom head sold out there, like, 90 degree turn?

Feronix 12-10-14 05:55 PM

http://www.bitfenix.com/global/en/pr...lchemy-cables/ :)

Valeriant 13-10-14 05:51 AM


Originally Posted by Feronix (Post 798607)

Thanks, that cables look beautiful and flexible. I searched the net again and I found out what I meant is "low profile" pcie cable connector. Found an image here, it looks good cause it actually is 90 degree not just bending cable. Anyone now where to buy this?

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