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Phil Stanbridge 15-11-04 01:27 PM

Who's getting HL2 then?
..and where from? I want to get it tomorrow, (not that I'll have much time on it) but its the thought that counts - I want it... Must get. Have only seen CS : Source trailers havent even played it yet, and then there's HL2..

Epicurus 15-11-04 01:51 PM

I have it downloaded via steam... just waiting for it to become unlocked. :D

CS-Source is good..

mcmad 15-11-04 01:56 PM

same here, downloaded waiting on it being unlocked..

CS:Source is well good.

Epicurus 15-11-04 02:00 PM

think when HL2 comes out its going to be a long long night :D

tc_overclocker 15-11-04 04:51 PM

ME ME ME !!! :D

Just sorted all Steam out and registered all me copies of Half-Life and CS:CZ with them...

Will most likely be going out to pick up the game 2moro... cos i cant be ****d downloading it all :D

ZaX 15-11-04 05:04 PM

Got it via steam, bronze package, CS Source is absolutely mad, love it.

mcmad 15-11-04 07:18 PM

I'm ready for HL2..


Tried the projector I use for work on a whiteboard..

Kinda decent picture & 6 feet wide..

Bring on HL2 :D

lambbuster 15-11-04 08:00 PM

ive got my gold package :D

ZaX 15-11-04 08:10 PM

Have u got all the extra bits yet?

tc_overclocker 16-11-04 12:18 PM

I've got it! I've got it! :D

Just gotta wait till I get home now to install it :(

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