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SebastianAltena 12-04-18 01:17 AM

SOLVED Apps losing focus and full screen games minimizing at 23h 48m every single day
Yeah I have no idea what is causing it, but it's really flippin annoying.
I'm running win7. It started happening about a week ago, I don't remember changing anything, I was about half way thru kingdoms of amalur and I thought it was causing it, BUT NO! I started playing a different game and it's still happening.
there are no tasks scheduled in task scheduler, and event viewer shows nothing at the time of "anomaly" occurring.
Any advice, or idea of what might be causing it? Before I start to terminate background apps.

SebastianAltena 12-04-18 03:32 AM

Ok it's 4:30am and I'm unable to make the ting happen by turning clock forward or backward, which makes me think that pinging by some update server is causing the issue, maybe Jdownloader 2, or Kaspersky, they are both in shut the hell up mode, but still... Oh well, time to go to bed for 3 hours.

RobM 13-04-18 12:57 PM

if its something t hat started happening a week or so ago that suggest its software related and most probable would windows update or an app attempting to do something.
Might be worth looking at whats running in task manager just before and after the event occurs.

Also worth going into event and look at task scheduler summary you may find something there that ties in

SebastianAltena 16-04-18 12:14 AM

JDownloader 2 is causing it.

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