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Tec 21-12-05 02:08 AM

New OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold VX
Hi there guys , just recently purchased my new system which details are in my signature and while reading all the o/c info on these forums i just jumped into o/c my system without burning cpu and memory ( 100% load and not heat wise ).

System is running 9 * 300 2700mhz

Mem is running 5/4 Divider 246mhz 2-2-2-5 Settings.

Any other settings it wont boot or i get lost in all the options etc.

So shall i carry on with the o/c or continue stressing c.p.u and memory ( burn in ), what do you guys think ?

FragTek 21-12-05 02:50 AM

Burn-in and stability test....

Run OCCT or a small fft prime95 torture test for 12 hours... Then run a large fft torture test. Do a few 32mb super pi's and you should be good to go if you can do all of the afformentioned tests w/o errors.

If you pass all of those then bump up your volts and your OC! :) Obviously make sure to keep your temps within optimal operating zones.

Whats the TCaseMax on that chip of yours? (If it supports it).

Tec 21-12-05 11:47 PM

Tagan PSU gone busted , waiting for replacement coming tomorrow , i ll run those test and report back , thanks for the reply Fragtek :)

FarFarAway 22-12-05 12:27 AM

Cool I'll look forward to it :)

Tec 23-12-05 09:46 PM

Buggers , still waiting for replacement and looks like its gonna come after christmas holidays , 3rd of Jan. Oh well , i ll post the results when i fix the psu. :(

Tec 09-01-06 05:24 AM

Ok Just a little update on whats happening. P.S.U arrived today so reinstalled the system.

TCaseMax for the chip is 55C

TDP is 38.2 Watts

I ll report back when the test finishes

FarFarAway 09-01-06 07:13 AM

Cool cool

Screenie and stuff should be forthcoming!

And add a pic of your rig to the gallery! :)

FragTek 09-01-06 10:31 AM

That's a decent TCase number, I'd reckon that'd be good for about 2.7ish.

Mine surprised the out of me, my TCase is only 49* but it overclocks like a raped ape with the IHS popped off.

Try bumping up your multiplier one notch, that RAM is going to thrive more on higher multipliers where you're able to keep the fsb down.

Tec 09-01-06 12:09 PM

Well c.p.u is on 2750mhz 1.5v 2000ht

Mem 1:1 250mhz 2-2-2-5 1t memtests 100% , test passed 5 times

prime95 basic fff passed fine so i run torture test and now i am at work.

Before running torture tests etc i run Sisoft Sandra Mem benchmark and got 7209 so it looks v.good so far . Temperatures seems to be around 33 idle and 44+- load. If the tests are passed i ll upping the fsb see if it goes higher.

I ll post the screenshots tonight hopefully :D

FarFarAway 09-01-06 12:14 PM

Nice mate thats some good work.

Like the thoroughness in testing to get it stable - all the good OC'ers do it but not everyone does ;)

I'll look forward to the pics! :D

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