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Bungral 10-03-08 10:23 PM

Intel's Larrabee set to come in 45nm
Larrabee doesn't look likely this year then..

More details in the news article.

FarFarAway 10-03-08 10:26 PM


Graphics dreams are made of Ray-Tracing :drool:

Bungral 10-03-08 10:35 PM

Yeah I hadn't actually read much about this until today but it shows promise. I guess with it being so far off most of it is rumour but hey.. We can dream.

ionicle 10-03-08 10:55 PM

looking good

another competetor in a market is only a good thing..


firefly 11-03-08 10:46 AM

I thought it was coming out a lot sooner than that.

My prediction - it will stuff ATI and nvidia will probably struggle to keep up.

Nvidia have been complacent and I don't think ATI have much of a budget for developing high end graphics.

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