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Bartacus 09-07-21 01:16 AM

Case Labs, the case I cannot escape from.
Intro: every since I was fortunate enough to lay my grubby old hands on a 6900XT (Asus TUF Gaming OC), I noticed something: it was unhappy. At first it was unhappy for obvious reasons: the included factory air cooler sucked copious amounts of bum. This was rectified eventually, by an Alphacool water block. But still, it was unhappy. Eventually I had to face a harsh fact: the Lian-Li Dynamic O11 XL, a case I liked so much I bought TWO of them, is in fact a hot box, especially when using triple radiators. There is no getting around this fact. Unless your fans are running constantly, it's an oven. A very pretty oven. Now as someone who likes to run his GPUs OCed (because this is OC3D after all), this had to change. Therefore the decision was made to move my gaming rig back into a Case Labs Magnum M8, with pedestal. For more breathing space. And more rad space never hurt either. ;)


Ryzen 5950X CPU on Gigabyte Aorus Master mobo / TechN CPU block
64GB RAM (4x16GB G.Skill Crystal Pimp Silliness 3600mhz CL16)
Asus TUF Gaming OC 6900XT / Alphacool GPU block
1TB Corsair MP600 NVME / 2TB Corsair MP600 NVME PCIE4 SSDs / 1TB Intel 600p PCIE3 SSD
EVGA 1000W Gold PSU
Dual D5 pumps on a Singularity Computers Resonance dual D5 distro plate
2 x Alphacool Monsta 88mm radiators / Darkside Gentle Typhoon 1850RPM PWM fans
2 x Darkside LP360 radiators (Mix of Fractal Design Prisma AL-120s / OG Nidec Gentle Typhoons)
1 x Darkside LP240 radiator (Darkside Gentle Typhoons)


Tearing down my Threadripper rig to displace it:

Worlds worst drain, installed backwards for reasons I cannot explain, other than I'm an idiot with a capital AYE!

Several hours of swearing later:

Three simple 90 degree bends was all I needed this time:

My new favorite AM4 block from TechN:

Rigged up a snorkel for filling / bleeding the loop, since distro plates are a bit trickier than tube reservoirs:

In spite of how bad this looks, there was some cable management done, really:

Flow meter / temp sensor / coolant critic installed, below a GPU block with a dead light strip that worked for a grand total of one day:

Resonance Dual D5 plate from Singularity Computers, not lit up because I broke the LED strip, twice.

Let there be purple. Well, in cases where the lights actually *work*:

No, it is not exactly the world's smallest case:


But so worth it. Now my GPU can breathe properly:

As for temps now, after 3+ hours of endlessly looping every stress test in the 3dmark suite, the top GPU core temp I saw was 41C / hottest junction temp was 64C. That's on a GPU with the power limit upped from 272W to 375W, and still retaining the 15% power slider, while running a max core of 2750mhz, max memory speed of 2150mhz, fast timings / resize-able BAR enabled. It floats between 2650 - 2700mhz+ in game, at much cooler temps. Mission accomplished!

23RO_UK 09-07-21 04:16 PM

Big is beautiful on this occasion @Bartacus, love it dude :cool: :D

Ps. I hate you for owning a Case Labs you lucky so and so ;)

AlienALX 09-07-21 06:04 PM


And yeah, air GPUs suck front bums. I actually thought my 2080Ti Aorus was broken. It took me three days to finally get the bugger under control, and it involved lots of noise and under clocking. Yet the fanny thing still wants to boost to 2000 mhz and overheat the VRAM ffs.

Sick of Nvidia and etc making everything overclock their GPUs to make them look better. Even the power management in Windows 10 overclocks stuff FFS.

I forgot how much air cooling utterly sucks. At least since the temp dropped in the UK it's been manageable. But two weeks ago? forget it.

Bartacus 09-07-21 08:47 PM

Thanks guys! Oh yeah, we've had a few +33C days, with humidity. Thank god for cool basements!

With GPUs these days, with the boost algorithms, you don't realize how temperature limited you might be. I had temps FIRMLY under control even in the hot box (thanks to water), but the AMBIENT temps were having a bigger impact than I thought. I actually saw a slight performance uptick in benchmarks just by switching cases, and not actually changing any clock settings. Of course you don't *see* that, since the thing never actually tells you it's hitting any thermal limits.

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