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Mr. Smith 03-10-07 09:47 AM

Two New Microsoft Zunes to Battle Apple iPod
80GB hard disc and smaller 4-8GB flash Zunes arrive to take on the iPod

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llwyd 03-10-07 10:00 AM


i need that link, looking for a new mp3player

Mr. Smith 03-10-07 10:03 AM

yes sir, boss sir, please don't flog me again :p

Deshman 03-10-07 10:58 AM

Well knowing how terribly unreliable iPods are and the many many many flaws associated with them (the largest one being that it's made by Apple :p) I'd definately rather have this. But I won't be buying one as there are still much better options out there.

FarFarAway 03-10-07 04:35 PM

tbh the Zune's had more than it's fair share of bugs.

I've had iPods since version 1, great pieces of machinery. Far rather have an iPod than the Zune

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